Executive Block Launched In Capital Smart City

Executive Block Launched, Possession in Jan 2020

Capital Smart City the First Smart City of Pakistan a project by Habib Rafiq, is one of the most unique & fastest growing project in the Real Estate Industry of Pakistan. With the recent launching ceremony that took place on Thursday 2nd April 2019 on site, has sparked a serious interest among new & old investors. Prices/Own/Profit have sky rocketed after the announcement of possession in 2020 January. Yes the company has announced 50% possession of Overseas Block & Executive Block.

A new block which is the Executive Block has emerged to entertain and benefit those clients & investors who have been constantly paying their installments. Yes the developer has decided to create a completely new block named Executive Block which will have 5 blocks to benefit & promote those who have paid their installments on time. From this list their will be a balloting and 50% of the lucky clients will get their possession in the beginning of 2020.

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Executive block is a unique block which is located on map next to overseas block. Since overseas block was giving possession to 50% of its residents in January 2020, the developer decided to entertain those who had general files as well. Hence they came up with Executive Block to ensure that those in General Block would also benefit for paying their dues.

Executive Block is located in one of the best locations in Capital Smart City with one side facing the river and it’s back facing the golf course. With a scenic beauty this particular block will definitely stand out from the rest of the block.

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