Capital Hills

What is Capital Hills?

Amidst Districts of Capital Smart City, Capital Hills is a first of its kind development. Its based upon state of the art planning. As per Layout plan of Capital Hills, it is a unique and contemporary community. It envisions to stands out from other standard and traditional development in the Pakistan. Capital Hills is striving to establish high quality community. In the urban living arena, it will be the most livable society with latest and advanced technologies.

Designs Consultants including Cracknell in collaboration with Harradine Golf Architects, DSA and other experts in their domains has completed the stage-2 development till now. Meanwhile, other developmental activities going on in full swing. To increase the efficiency, Capital Hills further divided into several zones.

Vision & Objectives 

It envisaged to setup innovative and advance living community. Especially it is built to become Pedestrian Friendly Community. It stand out from other traditional developments. The main objectives of Capital Hills include

  • playing role for sustainable economic and social growth
  • setting up high standard living community
  • integrating high living standard with economic growth

Zones in Capital Hills

Its further divided into different zones including

  • Golf Community
  • Lake Views Community
  • Hills Community

Zoning Strategies

Zones of Capital Hills divided with a well-managed scheme. Key local services including Commercial, recreational and community facilities strategically placed closer to each zone.

Master Plan 

Capital Hills consist of 356.02 Hecters. Most of the land focused on enhancing the natural typography. For that, its mostly covered in lush greenery. Lets discuss the major zones of in Master Plan of Capital Hills.


Master Plan of Capital Hills

  1. Golf course Community & Club

Golf course Community &Club features 18-hole signature golf course along with international standard golf academy. Banquet halls, parks, mosques and many more will be present at Golf course Community &Club. Moreover, the location of this focal area has been placed for direct access to smart city & at a key high point with in the site to take advantage of key views of the golf course. For detailed information of Golf course Community & Club.

  1. Souq District

This district has souq retail centers to fulfill you day-to-day needs. Furthermore, sales gallery, corporate offices and other amenities will be present. There will proper paved networks to connect central area with Zone-1, 2 and 3. It has been placed in the most ‘central’ location. All the districts are directly linked to it along a major access road within smart city.

  1. Lake View Community

Lake View Community presents luxury and full of comfort residential units. For detailed information of Lake View Community.

  1. Community & Education Center

This center have several high-standard and quality educational institutes. With plenty of open space area, it has sports field, tracks, jogging parks, etc. moreover, minor retail shops will also be present.

  1. Hills Community

This zone offers duplex and town houses. Retail shops, mosques and park are also present. It has been particularly placed in a central location to the lake view & Chakri communities. For detailed information of Hills Community. here.




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