Diplomatic Football League By RBS

The Royal Business Solutions & Builders Diplomatic Football League was started in November 2021 Gerry’s powered this Diplomatic Football League. As well as Trainers that have worked with both male and female futsal players in Brazil have extensive knowledge in the sport’s physical aspects; MR. Celso Luis Marques & Ms. Mubany Brandeo. Professional Brazilian futsal coach recognized by World Futsal Federation with more than 20 years of experience with different national and international clubs and teams in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, USA, Venezuela, China and so on. MR. Celso Luis used to be a head coach for the national futsal team of Brazil in major competitions of AMF World Body.

RBS Team welcomes Brazil Talents in Pakistan! Because RBS is going to make their team for futsal in Pakistan for promoting futsal on National Level in upcoming days. The closing ceremony of recent Diplomatic Futsal League Season 7 by Royal Business Solutions & Builder was on 1st April 2022.

Why We Have Done This?

The purpose of organizing the Diplomatic Futsal League was only to promote the talented youth of Pakistan, bring them to the fore and to include them in the Diplomatic League. On the other side, with our talented Pakistani youth a national futsal team has been formed which can go ahead in the futsal championship and that is why we called the national coaches of Brazil who were in Pakistan for couple of months and trained our youth. On the other hand, our invited Brazilian national coaches visited Pakistan from Gilgit to Gwadar and gathered the youth from different parts of the country.

There were eleven teams involved in this Futsal Diplomatic League;
Diplomatic Football League Team

What Was The Main Vision Of Diplomatic Futsal League?

The main objective of the Diplomatic Futsal League is to promote Pakistan in the sport of futsal because it is a relatively new game in Pakistan in addition, in which we falling behind. Therefore, here we go; we have the opportunity to establish a foothold that will allow us to fill the vacuum that has been left behind in the country named Pakistan. Which will provide a significant advantage to the young people of Pakistan. In addition to that, such cases are seen at the national level while RBS has done the Futsal Diplomatic League on its own, using its own personal payroll.

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League months5
Matches 220
Minutes 4400

Impact On Our Diplomacy

The diplomats who were located in the Pakistan as a result of Diplomatic Futsal League emerged from their embassies and took a closer look at Pakistan, throughout this time they were also able to see the country’s redeeming qualities. They discovered that Pakistan is a secure country in which one may live without the need for constant vigilance. How rich Pakistan’s resources are and how much untapped potential there is in the youth of the country in terms of the abilities that they have. There is no such thing as terrorism in this area; instead, you will only find the people who are capable of working hard. In addition, the diplomats conveyed this information to the rest of the globe. Additionally, these diplomats have presented this image of Pakistan to the general public as well as the rest of the globe.

Our Achievement

Our success is to bringing together the talented youth in Pakistan as well as to form a league. Now that we are successful, we are very close; to train our National team in a manner that they can participate into the international futsal championship to make their name in this game as a Pakistani Team.

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