Introduction of Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad is a magnificent housing community 24/7 developing to keep its pledges to its investors and deliver on time. It is situated close to the Rawalpindi Ring Road and Fateh Jang Road, which connect to the CPEC corridor. It is planned that the community would serve as a hub for the areas around Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Nova City Islamabad is a NOC-approved society that plans to build a high-end residential area per today’s lifestyle standards in the peaceful region of Tehsil Fateh Jang.

Master Plan

The planners of Nova City Islamabad have the goal of establishing a civilisation that is both ecologically conscious and technologically sophisticated. In addition, Nova City intends to compete with several other mega projects now under development in the Twin Cities region. Nova City’s master plan must achieve one crucial goal. This objective is to provide the most modern houses and commercial investment properties while simultaneously protecting the natural charm of the neighborhood.

In addition, the developers have guaranteed substantial returns on investment, and architects and other technical professionals are already creating the infrastructure to support this aim. The project aims to establish a luxury and contemporary way of life. On the other side, this style of living emphasises sustainable practices and responsible care for the environment. In addition, the most talented and intelligent individuals have come together to establish a society. People need to be able to live in homes that are both lovely and comfortable. When Nova City Islamabad and Nova City Peshawar first made their residential plots available for purchase, there was a very positive response from potential buyers. Commercial property developers see a rush of interest immediately after the debuts of their projects.

Aside from that, Nova Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s most prominent investment societies. It covers an area of 10,000 Kanals, which makes it the largest over the others. The infrastructure and technology of this housing will be state-of-the-art, and the site will also have stunning natural scenery.

Why to Invest in Nova City Islamabad?

Pakistan’s property investors are drawn to Nova City Islamabad; This investment society offers the finest investment opportunity. Furthermore, one thing that makes Nova City Islamabad more appealing is its enviable position. Moreover, it is situated in the middle of the two major cities in Pakistan, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Therefore, this one will have an identical infrastructure and a new, contemporary development strategy. But on the other hand, Nova City Islamabad aims to challenge the megaprojects in the area.

Location of Nova City Islamabad

The western route of the M-14 CPEC, which extends from D.I. Khan to the Hakla Interchange on the M-1, conveniently operates through Nova City Islamabad. The forthcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road at Motorway M-2 will make it simple to go to Nova City from Rawalpindi, and the community is conveniently located near this future thoroughfare. This housing society is supposed to have two main entrances: one from the M-14 CPEC Interchange and another from Airport Road, which will connect this area to the M-2 Islamabad Motorway.


People have said that Nova City Islamabad is in the city’s suburbs. If you analyse the future access network, nevertheless, you’ll see that Nova City will have the best connections to the city’s most popular destinations in both Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

  • Neighboring to CPEC
  • Nearby CPEC-Ring road Interchange
  • Head-to-head to Newly proposed Rawalpindi Ring road.
  • 3 minutes’ drive away from Kanial, Rawalpindi
  • 6 minutes’ drive away from Bango, Attock
  • 9 min drive away from Dhok Korak, Attock
  • 8 min drive away from N-80, Qutbal, Attock
  • Max 20 minutes’ drive away from Islamabad Airport
  • Max 25 minutes’ drive away from M-2 Motorway
  • Max 30 minutes’ drive away from Islamabad
  • Max 35 minutes’ drive away from Rawalpindi
nova city islamabad
nova city islamabad location


People can choose from blocks in Nova City Islamabad, depending on their needs. Even though these blocks have the same services and facilities, they are not all set up the same way and are in different places. As well as Nova City Islamabad has many blocks;

E-Sports Block in Islamabad's Nova City

E-sports is one of the most unique and well-known Block in this housing complex. You can also use all of the sports features. In this facility, you can find everything you need to live a healthy and active life. The people who live in and own these buildings can look forward to a safe and healthy way of life. These blocks have residential properties of 8 and 14 Marla.

8 Marla

14 Marla

Pueblo Block in Nova City, Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad has just introduced Pueblo Block following the success of General as well as Esportes Block. Pueblo is a low-cost residential block with a limited number of 3.5 marla residential plots and 4 marla and 8 marla commercial plots, which are being sold on four years simple payments plan. Nova City has earned considerable popularity quickly due to its inherent qualities and tangible heritage. Besides introducing new blocks, society has been working energetically on the development duties. Therefore, we may anticipate Nova City to produce within stated timescales.

As the demand for 3.5 Marla plots is expanding in the real estate sector, Nova City realized the need in the market and built Pueblo Block. This block suits the demands of small investors and those who cannot afford larger plots. Pueblo Block is also expected to have business sites along with residential ones in Nova City Islamabad, which indicates that it is a comprehensive package as far as real estate development is concerned.

The Nova City Islamabad Residential Block

Providing its residents with a pleasant atmosphere in which to live is the primary objective of Nova City Islamabad. In addition, the developers have segmented the construction site into several unique blocks, each of which has residential areas of varied size. On the other hand, there is a range of sizes for residential blocks, starting at 5 Marla (125 square yards) and going up to 1 Kanal (500 square yards).

5 Marla (125 Square Yards)

8 Marla (240 Square Yards)

10 Marla (300 Square Yards)

14 Marla (420 Square Yards)

1 Kanal (500 Square Yards)

Commercial block in Nova City Islamabad

Numerous business plots are available in Nova City Islamabad, all of which provide a high return on investment. Investing in commercial plots is now possible for Pakistani real estate investors. There are four and eight-marla plots available for purchase in the Nova City Islamabad payment plan. After the Nova City Islamabad opens to the public; you can the exact rates. Nova City Islamabad’s freshly opened phase has made it possible for buyers to get their hands on cheap plots. Amazing amenities and facilities are available on these sites.

Nova City Islamabad Villa Royale by The First

The First is going to build the exclusive condominium complex Villa Royale. It is conveniently situated close to both the Islamabad International Airport and the CPEC route. In this luxurious community, homeowners have access to every amenity imaginable, with no need to go far from home. Villa Royale offers an unrivalled standard of life, which has ultra-luxurious villas.

  • Dense landscape planting treatment
  • Solar Powered Houses Classification
  • Web-based protocol IoT Devices
  • Fully equipped with ultramodern technology
  • Smart intelligent home system
  • Privacy & separation
nova city islamabad villa royale payment plan

When it comes to construction, foremost has been around for a while and The First has a solid reputation. Throughout Nova history, they have made concerted efforts to expand the concept of convenience in order to please a broad range of investors. In order to create a significant difference, our discipline compels us to work flexibly toward the goal of sustaining the confidence of stakeholders on them. Their mission is to provide a wide variety of thrills. Their mainly aim is to offer a cutting-edge commercial and residential real estate options in Pakistan.

Owners and Developers

Nova City Islamabad’s development partner is MAAKSONS Engineering Corporation Ltd. The architects of the project have used this housing society as a means of promotion across all of Islamabad. Additional backing may be found in the MAAKSONS developer’s portfolio. That’s an excellent choice for homeowners, and by the end of 2022, this community will include retail to match the quality of the new homes. The builders are making sure everything is up to par with global norms so that it will be a lasting benefit to you. However, it offers the finest conveniences and high resale value, making it an attractive option for homebuyers. Professionalism, dependability, and consideration for the public are just a few defining features of MAAKSONS developers. Your search for the best home ends with luxury and attractiveness here.

In addition, the administrators of Nova City are busy in many other projects, one of which is Nova City School. The project depends on a series of innovative, high-level ideas that respond to genuine public issues and provide fresh perspectives on how to solve them. The organisation is well-known for its outstanding qualities, dependability, professionalism, and care for customer requirements.

Payment Plan of Nova City Islamabad

The payment plan together with the different sort of payment methods by the “RBS Land” below, through which you can select any one of them;


3.5 marla payment plan


4 years payment plan

10% BOOKING New Residential Payment Plan

nova city residential payment plan

10% CONFIRMATION Nova City Esportes Block

esportes block payment plan


Since Nova City has received the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA). So far, Nova City has secured NOC from the IESCO (Islamabad Electric Supply Company) as well. The “No Objection Certificate” is crucial because, as you know, investors seek assurance that their money is invested in a good society. This factor is essential in determining whether or not to put money into an investment. NOC is the crucial reason why land in Nova City has increased in value over the last several years. As the Nova’s other projects (Nova City Peshawar, Nova One Lahore).

Facilities & Amenities

Nova City Islamabad has a wide range of amenities and facilities for its residents. It has the most modern equipment. When these buildings are built, they will be done with an eye toward the future. This includes a mosque, hospitals, paved roads, a steady supply of gas, water, and electricity, and an educational institute. This housing society is different from the others because it is the best place to live and invest in the future. The fact that there are business buildings in the area makes Pueblo Block more valuable.

Its development advantages and proximity to the capital cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi make it a great place to invest with high return potential. Nova City Islamabad is one of Pakistan’s real estate investment societies with one of the fastest growth rates. The developer has put in a lot of time and work to ensure that this is the best place to invest. After Islamabad, it spread to Peshawar and Lahore. This goal could lead to a society that meets the needs of people today.

facilities & amenities


As the most attractive project for investment and future living, Nova City  is distinct from the rest. Pueblo Block’s worth is further enhance by the presence of commercial properties. It is an excellent investment opportunity close to the new airport on the CPEC route in Pakistan. Its development advantages and proximity to Islamabad and Rawalpindi make it an attractive investment opportunity with high return potential. Nova City  is one of the fastest-growing real estate investment societies country wise. The developer has worked hard to deliver the best possible investment options. From Islamabad, it has spread to Peshawar and Lahore. You can find a future civilization that caters to the requirements of today’s people may in this ideal.

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