Green Dream 2022

A selflessly devoted mission of filling the void into beneficial green life. Green Dream 2022 is a project of transforming Pakistan into an eco-friendly green environment. It will be fit for all those living around. So, its a moment of great prestige for RBS to be a part of purified and green Pakistan. Thus, join hands with us to plant trees as:
♧We need clear oxygen without harmful dust to breathe in.
♧We have to help reduce global warming.
♧We need to provide a sheltered abode for birds and mammals as well.
♧And last but not the least, we indeed need to start growing green, for a breathtaking and jaw-dropping scenic landscaping which is a specialty of Pakistan.

Plant a tree with Green Dream 2022

PLANT A TREE. These are not only words. It is the responsibility of everyone living on the earth. All of us need to fulfill at the moment. Hence, It is a big opportunity for all of us to save our healthy environment by saving trees.

Trees are a symbol of life on earth and natural sanctuary for humans & wild animals as well. In the interim, saving trees have been our utmost priority. The world with such a speedy pace where urbanization, industrialization & global warming is rapidly taking over.

Living in such a technological world, where people are fighting & working for themselves, trees are living for benefiting others merely.

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