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Century of Cities:

21st century is known to be “Century of Cities”. With a massive unplanned urban migration, we have witnessed tremendous increase in housing demands. According to a report by 2023, two third of the population will be inhabitant in the urban areas.

Smart City is advance phenomenon in a housing schemes arena. Smart cities are need of a time to fulfill the individuals’ demands who wants revolution and advancement. In popular culture, smart cities are perceived as a major step towards a technological future.

A smart city is committed to enhance living quality, improve lucrative business opportunities and guaranteeing environment sustainability. While using Information & Communication technologies to ensure these services.

The framework of Capital Smart City Islamabad in Pakistan fulfills all of these fundamental smart city domains. The foundation Pillars of Smart City present in Capital Smart City is explained below


The Capital Smart City aims to provide international standards of living for local residents. Moreover, it strives to deliver adequate facilities to our overseas citizens. Resilient social infrastructure is deigned. It will be an exemplary model for community planning in the region.

The infrastructure is planned for convenient access to full range of facilities.  Moreover, it comes up with international hotel management brands, 18 hole Golf course, golf academy, better health care institutes, holiday parks, theme parks etc


Smart cities are supposed to be the hub for economic activities of the country. As per Reports, Smart City Islamabad is believed to be first commercial center in the region. It will open 90,000 job opportunities. It will create a variety of job opportunities in commercial and service sectors. It is situated at the eastern  route of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) while 5 minutes’ drive from New Islamabad International Airport.

In today’s time, Smart City Islamabad is believed to be Golden Sparrow in the region. It is a center of attraction for local and international veteran investors

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Economy of the country is reflected by its infrastructure. Smart Cities have intense focus on quality infrastructure. Capital Smart City Pakistan intends to provide state of the art transport infrastructure. It aims to build well-connected network of roads to ensure convenient transportation. The BRT service has approved.


To ensure maximum security, CCTV with facial and object recognitions are installed. Moreover, automated traffic control lights and automated street lights will also be installed to avoid any incident. Security Control Fire Fighting and Civil defense system is also planned.


The efficient resource management system has also been deployed. It will be the most eco-friendly development in the region. It planned solid waste management. It ensures the responsible usage of resources. It aims to conserve the natural resources and ensures the zero-net loss of natural areas. It will be a city of natural vistas and sceneries.

Moreover, it comes up with its own solar panels and Grid Station. It will have its own Potable Water Treatment Plant and Sewerage Treatment Plant. It will have automated air conditioning control system. Electric bikes are other major luxury provided by smart city.

Development in terms of infrastructure and economy is believed to be one of the most important components. The idea of Capital Smart City Islamabad will be definitely a step forward for the real SMART WORLD.


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