Conversion Of General Block File To Executive Block in Capital Smart City

Executive block is a unique block which is located on map next to overseas block. Since overseas block was giving possession to 50% of residents in January 2020, the developer decided to entertain those who had general files as well. Hence they came up with Executive Block to ensure that those in general block would also benefit for paying their dues.

This Block is located in one of the best locations in Capital Smart City with one side facing the river and it’s back facing the golf course. With a scenic beauty this particular block will definitely stand out from the rest of the block.

“Capital Smart City Executive Block”

Following is the procedure for General Block Members for conversion of their file to Executive Block

  • All General Block members can apply before 24th of May 2019.
  • General Block members have to pay a minimum of 20% along with 1st Quarter Installment.
  • General Block members who have already paid their 1st quarter have to pay next quarter to apply.
  • General Block members who will clear all their outstanding dues will be given preference in location. Keep in mind members who have cleared all their dues still have to apply for executive block to be entertained in the balloting.
  • Executive Block plot prices will be approximately be 30% higher than General Block. Members who wish to apply after 24th of May 2019 will have to pay an extra amount of  RS 5000 which will be charged as conversion fee.
  • This Block has limited plots & quota for General Block members.
  • Company Reserves the right to reduce the date of closing to apply without intimation.
  • To avoid any surcharges company has given one last chance to the members to pay their outstanding installments without any surcharge until 24th of May 2019. This relaxation is valid for all Blocks.
  • To apply for “Executive Block” members first have to deposit the outstanding payment. After verification of payment. Member need to submit the application along with copy of payment receipt verified by accounts department.
  • Application Performa is attached to apply for Executive Block below:

Download : Application Performa

Download : FDHL offical Letter

Source : FDHL

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