Ring Road Project Bidding Process called off

Ring Road Project Bidding Process called off

Rawalpindi: A senior official from the divisional administration said on Monday that The Bidding process has been canceled until now and will be restarted from the beginning. A firm inquiry needs to be done to understand the matter.

Prime Minister Imran Khan took notice of changing the route of Rawalpindi Ring Road, which benefited some specific individuals but has also increased the cost of the project by Rs.25 Billion.

Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has already suspended Land Acquisition Collector Tabish Waseem and collected all Land Acquisition Records. Collected Data is sealed to avoid further changes in it.

The Approved Project was a total 66.3Km from Radio Pakistan, Rawat to Sangjani Interchange with a total worth of 56 Billion out of which 40 billion was to be invested by the private sector and 16 billion to be borne by the Punjab Government.

After the inquiry started, Deputy Project Director Muhammad Abdullah Resigned from the post and is ready to face the trial.

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