RDA begins investigation of 405 illegal housing schemes in Rawalpindi

According to the news, the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has initiated to to begins investigation of 405 unauthorized housing projects, primarily situated in Rawalpindi.

This action follows complaints raised by multiple parties. These illegal housing initiatives are located within districts overseen by the district council, including places like Murree, Taxila, Rawalpindi City, Gujar Khan, and Kotli Sattian.

According to Hafiz Muhammad Irfan, an official from RDA, they have adhered to the directives of the DG and initiated a comprehensive investigation, which involves:

  • Filing legal cases
  • Imposing significant fines
  • Demolishing unauthorized constructions
  • Initiating legal action against individuals implicated in these unlawful housing schemes.

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Illegal Housing Complains

People complaints regarding the illegal housing projects, highlighting:

  • Absence of committed infrastructure and residential amenities
  • Extended delays in project completion
  • Land ownership conflicts
  • Additionally, sources pointed out that within areas under RDA jurisdiction and significant Tehsil Rawalpindi areas. Only a small number of housing schemes had received legitimate approval.

As per the details, there are presently 37 housing projects approved by town planning, along with 18 housing schemes that are under construction but lack approval. Additionally, there are 13 authorized housing projects falling within the RDA’s jurisdiction.

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Furthermore, the District Council has granted authorization to nine housing projects, comprising 6 in Taxila and four in Murree Tehsil. Moreover, 11 more projects are at various development stages or await approval. Sales of plots within these unauthorized housing schemes persist despite the extensive crackdown by the RDA. This is partly due to the prevalence of a higher number of illegal projects compared to approved and lawful housing plans.


Hafiz Muhammad Irfan, the spokesperson for RDA, emphasized that the RDA has commenced a substantial crackdown on unlawful housing plans following directives from its DG. According to him, this comprehensive approach involves initiating legal cases, demolishing unauthorized constructions, and imposing significant fines.

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