Peshawar’s Small Industries Estate inaugurates a business center

Dr. Aamer Abdullah, the Minister for Industries, Commerce, Technical Education, and Merged Districts’ Affairs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), officially opened the newly constructed Business Centre at the Small Industries Estate, as reported by a news source on December 3.

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The Business Centre, completed for PKR 45 million, is expected to pivotal in generating revenue for the Small Industries Development Board (SIDB), potentially contributing millions of rupees monthly through its commercial activities.

In addition, Located on Kohat Road within the Small Industries Estate, the Business Centre comprises display halls and showrooms designed to showcase products manufactured by various producers.

Prominent officials, including SIDB Managing Director Ghazanfar Ali, Deputy Managing Directors Sahibzada Zulfiqar, and Noman Fayyaz, alongside other officers, officials, and employees attended the inauguration event.

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During the gathering, Minister Abdullah highlighted the project’s significance. He also stressed the importance of refining the board’s business model to ensure greater financial stability, growth, and alignment with modern demands. Furthermore, the minister’s directive to consistently uplift and enhance the Business Centre aligns with the broader objective of fostering economic development in the region.

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