FSD’s Business Facilitation Center helps 17 departments, including Housing, issue NOCs

Recently disclosed by the Industries, Commerce, Investment & Skill Development (ICISD) Provincial Secretary Ehsan Bhutta, the FSD’s Business Facilitation Center is nearing its operational phase. A news report on December 20 highlighted this development, shedding light on the center’s objective to provide No Objection Certificates (NOCs) within a specific 10-30 day timeframe, consolidating efforts across 17 collaborating departments.

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During a session at the Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI), it was revealed that the FBFC’s primary goal is to streamline processes for NOCs, addressing challenges faced by businesses.

Secretary Bhutta acknowledged that 70% of the identified issues stem from federal departments, 30% from provincial departments, and some related to local government matters. He expressed confidence that the FBFC would play a pivotal role in resolving these imminent challenges.

However, to support investors, Bhutta detailed plans for 17 departments, including Housing, Local Government, FDA, WASA, TEPA, Forests, Tourism, Environment, Irrigation, Labour, and Social Security, among others, to establish their service desks at the FSD’s Business Facilitation Center.

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Additionally, federal entities such as Gas and Electricity will also involved in this initiative. Bhutta emphasized a simplified application process for investors, where FBFC staff would oversee the remaining procedures. The Industries department has made available a comprehensive list of required documents and fee structures to ensure transparency and efficiency. Additionally, a well-defined monitoring system has implemented, enabling applicants to track their progress online and reducing the necessity for multiple visits.

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