CBD Punjab shares details of the projects planned for the Central Business District


The Central Business District (CBD) Punjab has unveiled an expansive blueprint for its business district, urging potential investors to actively engage in shaping the future of Punjab. The specifics of these groundbreaking projects were communicated through an advertisement in national newspapers on December 1.

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Operating under Punjab’s primary development authority, this comprehensive master plan encompasses a wide array of opportunities across multiple sectors. These projects aim to redefine corporate standards and urban sophistication, inviting both individuals and businesses to contribute to Punjab’s evolving landscape.

The showcased projects comprise:

  • Lahore Prime – The city’s novel commercial hub
  • Azalea – Hyper Retail
  • Regalia – Branded Residences
  • Node – IT & Expo Clusters
  • The Abode – Blend of Commercial & Residential Spaces
  • Sirius – Punjab’s Tallest Skyscraper
  • Lahore Downtown – Pakistan’s First Planned Downtown
  • Axis – Upscale Retail Experience

To facilitate easy access to information about these projects, the authority has provided QR codes for each venture, enabling interested parties to scan and download a comprehensive catalogue.

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The vision extends beyond hyper-retail, contemporary downtowns, luxurious hospitality, versatile mixed-use structures, an Expo Center, Pakistan’s tallest skyscraper, diplomatic enclaves, and upscale branded residences. This initiative calls upon investors to join the journey towards a prosperous future, encouraging them to explore new opportunities in partnership with CBD Punjab. For further details, interested parties can visit www.cbdpunjab.gov.pk or reach out via email at info@cbdpunjab.gov.pk.

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