Pakistan’s Top 10 Real Estate Tycoons

The exponential rise of Pakistan’s real estate market is being driven by both domestic and foreign investors. The big brands in real estate also deserve credit for participating in the market while taking the unstable financial situation into consideration. These property tycoons are well known for providing never-before-seen comforts at affordable pricing. An overview of Pakistan’s Top 10 Real Estate Tycoons will be given in this blog.


With its exploding population, Pakistan is now the fifth-largest country in the world. This means that a huge housing need will always be there to be fulfilled by mainly private developers. The tycoons are not just making big money out of these private residential or commercial projects but also providing affordable yet luxurious living facilities that were absent almost two decades ago. The credit for the boom in the real estate sector certainly goes to these top 10 real estate tycoons.

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Top 10 Real Estate Tycoons of Pakistan

Below are the top 10 Real Estate Tycoons in Pakistan:

  • Malik Riaz
  • Rafiq M. Habib
  • Sadruddin Hashwani
  • Asif Ali Zardari
  • Mian Mansha
  • Noor Alam Khan
  • Nasir Schon
  • Salman Iqbal
  • Saad Nazir
  • Bayram D.Avari

1. Malik Riaz

Malik Riaz came from a modest household and started off as a small business owner, but he never skimped on quality. As a result, over time, he established credibility and a real estate brand that was unique to Pakistan.

Although he currently controls a number of companies, his pride and joy projects are the housing societies in Pakistan’s major cities that are part of the Bahria Town brand. His most recent flagship project, Bahria Town Peshawar, is about to go on the market.

2. Rafiq M. Habib

Rafique M. Habib is the owner of the House of Habib, a well-known business in Pakistan. He presently owns Habib Bank Limited (HBL), the biggest bank in Pakistan. With a track record of success, he is a leader of a variety of companies and organizations, including banks, colleges, and schools. He launched Capital Smart City Islamabad and Lahore Smart City a few years ago, marking his entry into the real estate industry.

3. Sadruddin Hashwani

Sadruddin Hashwani is a well-known businessman in Pakistan with real estate industry expertise. He is well known for his “Pearl Continental Hotel & Resorts” (PC) hotel chains, which are found all over Pakistan. He is regarded as Pakistan’s seventh-richest citizen. In addition to having the best amenities, which draws more visitors while providing good customer service.

4. Asif Ali Zardari

The leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party and a former Pakistani prime minister, Asif Ali Zardari, is a jack of all crafts. He is regarded as a genius politician in Pakistan (PPPP) and is adept at navigating tumultuous political environments. It is crucial to note that, in terms of investments, he is also one of the key participants in the Bahria Town projects.

Lahore Smart City is emerging as a brilliant example of modern urban, promising development with its imaginative approach.

5. Mian Mansha

Mian Mansha is a vibrant guy who is regarded as the richest person in Pakistan and is among the top 1000 richest individuals in the world. He comes from a wealthy, entrepreneurial family that began with the cotton industry and later founded Nishat Lines. It is Pakistan’s largest textile company as well.

He also serves as the Nishat Group’s CEO. He entered the real estate industry in recent years by founding Nishat Real Estate Development Company Pvt. Ltd.

6. Noor Alam Khan

Noor Alam Khan is a Peshawar-born politician, businessperson, and property manager. He is also listed as Pakistan’s highest taxpayer lawmaker. He allegedly owns land in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) worth over 32 billion rupees. Formerly, he was a member of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), however, they split up in 2022. Mr. Alam formerly had ties to the PPPP.

7. Nasir Schon

Nasir Schon serves as CEO of the Schon Group and Schon Properties. Wherever he goes, his reputation follows. He has investments in the real estate market as well. He is one of the wealthiest people in the nation despite having moved to the UAE in the 1990s while still identifying as a Pakistani. Prior to it, Mr. Schon had bought Multan, the sixth and most expensive franchise in the PSL.

8. Salman Iqbal

As the leader of ARY Media Group, one of Pakistan’s largest media conglomerates, Mr. Salman Iqbal is well-known throughout the nation. Along with his involvement in real estate, he is well-known for working with the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) on projects like ARY Laguna. The Karachi Kings of the PSL are owned by Mr. Iqbal.

9. Saad Nazir

The renowned housing development Blue World City Islamabad is owned and developed by Saad Nazir. The Blue Group of Companies (BGC) is owned by him. In addition, Mr. Nazir is the brains behind a number of other initiatives, including Blue Sapphire and the PIA Co-operative Housing Society. He is currently one of Pakistan’s biggest property developers, both in the twin cities and nationwide. Comparing his efforts to nearby projects of a similar sort, such as Capital Smart City, DHA, and Bahria Town, investors have begun to trust his work.

10. Bayram D.Avari

The owner of the renowned hotel chain, Bayram D. Avari, comes in last but certainly not least. He also owns other properties worth millions of dollars both inside and outside Pakistan. He resides in Pakistan and appears to be particularly passionate about Dubai and Canadian real estate. Mr. Avari has long had a passion for and interest in property, and he also highly skilled at profiting handsomely from his real estate empire.

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Top real estate tycoons in Pakistan have greatly boosted the economy of the nation while also changing the urban environment. Through their visionary leadership and investments, they have transformed barren lands into thriving communities, offering modern amenities and a higher standard of living to residents. As Pakistan’s urbanization continues, it is likely that these tycoons will continue to play a pivotal role in the country’s real estate sector, further enhancing its prominence on the global stage.

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