LDA One Window Cell Citizens Struggle Due to Agent Mafia

News Report

LDA One Window Cell Citizens struggle due to Agent Mafia, as per the official news reports. One-Window Cell (OWC) of LDA has accused of failing to prevent agent mafia’s entry. According to the news source, the agent mafia, on a daily basis,  involves in money extorting from innocent citizens. Lahore Development Authority (LDA) officials have plans to introduce a proper appointment system to facilitate citizens.

One-Window Cell

Despite being officially banned, the agent mafia continues to operate in the OW Cell, along with property dealers, officials, and LDA officers often seen there with diverse clients. Applicants have reported staff throwing away valuable files and misplaced precious files of citizens without any valid reason.

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LDA Officials

While LDA officials have not been able to curb the agent mafia’s activities, they have established a distinct/special counter for elderly citizens. A strict ban has been imposed on the entry of senior management of the LDA, but they continue to operate. They charge fees to get their work done and submit applications. LDA officials have promised to implement strict action against the agent mafia.

LDA Efforts

The LDA’s efforts to combat corruption and the Agent Mafia are a welcome step. However, residents and businesses are urging the authorities to take swift action to restore trust in the One Window Cell. Transparency measures, stricter oversight, and increased accountability within the institution seen as essential steps in addressing the issue.

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Citizens and stakeholders are looking forward to the outcomes of the investigation and are hoping for significant reforms that will allow the LDA One Window Cell to achieve its goals of organizing procedures, boosting the real estate and construction industries, and serving as an example of efficiency and transparency for other government institutions in Lahore and beyond.

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