CDA plans to develop a Blue Area to promote trade

Innovation keeps transforming traditional business processes in the dynamic world of international trade and commerce. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken advantage of this opportunity and set out on an ambitious project to promote trade by launching a revolutionary idea: the Blue Area.


According to a news source on July 29, Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari, the president of the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI), has requested that the Capital Development Authority (CDA) concentrate on the development of the Blue Area in order to promote trade operations and foster economic development.

CDA Vision

The Blue Area is an innovative initiative that the Capital Development Authority hopes will promote trade on an unparalleled scale. This unique initiative will create a cutting-edge, networked hub intended to streamline commercial activity both domestically and globally. Modern infrastructure and the project’s strategic position will attract companies looking to take benefit of the developing global market.

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Blue Area Developments

The development of Blue Area, the largest commercial area in Islamabad, will be crucial in advancing the economy. According to ICCI President who emphasized the area’s significance. Parking is a significant issue in the Blue Area, and the ICCI President advocated allowing parking on the green area of Fazal Haq Road until the parking plaza’s construction was complete in order to address this issue.

Blue Area Vendors

Raja Hassan Akhtar, president of the Blue Area Vendors Welfare Association, emphasized significant difficulties that afflict market vendors. He identified the primary issues that require CDA’s immediate attention as being the absence of parking facilities, the lack of sewerage systems, and the malfunctioning streetlights. The traders of the Blue Area committed to completely assisting the ICCI in resolving their challenges and showed their undying support for the organization.

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The CDA’s vision for the Blue Area emerges as a symbol of advancement in society. It continues to embrace the digital revolution and as the complexity of international trade increases. This program is positioned to revolutionize trade dynamics and boost economic development through careful planning, innovation, and collaboration.

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