CDA Announces Long-Awaited Built-up Property Award for Sector C-15 in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has finally declared the long-overdue Built-up Property (BuP) Award for Sector C-15 in Islamabad, according to a recent announcement. This significant development, as reported by a leading newspaper on July 3, marks the resolution of pending BuP awards for land acquired in 2008 through a land-sharing formula. The CDA fulfilled the promise of providing landowners with a developed plot of one kanal for every 4 kanals of their land after years of anticipation.

The Pending BuP Award by CDA

The CDA’s decision to announce the pending BuP award for Sector C-15 comes after a considerable delay since the land acquisition in 2008. Under the land-sharing formula, the authorities assured landowners a developed plot in exchange for a portion of their acquired land. However, the actualization of this promise had been pending for a significant period. Now, with the recent announcement, the CDA aims to fulfill its commitment to the affected individuals.

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Beneficiaries and Document Submission

The CDA has included the names of 287 eligible individuals in the B-List for those who were unable to provide the required details to the civic agency. These individuals are entitled to receive either cash benefits or a plot as part of the built-up property compensation. The CDA has extended an opportunity to these individuals to come forward and contact the authority, providing the necessary documents to secure their benefits. This proactive approach ensures that deserving beneficiaries receive their entitlements, thereby addressing any potential discrepancies or oversights.

CDA Collaboration for Accuracy and Transparency

Prior to the official announcement of the BuP awards, the CDA collaborated with the ICT Revenue Department to ensure accuracy and transparency in the process. This joint effort aimed to maintain the integrity of the awards and eliminate any possible irregularities. The final lists containing the names of eligible individuals have undergone careful scrutiny and verification. Furthermore, with two ICT officers signing them off, affirming their authenticity and compliance with the set guidelines.

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The CDA recently gave the BuP Award for Sector C-15 in Islamabad, which has been waiting for a long time. This is a big step towards fulfilling its promises to landowners. The resolution of pending BuP awards, which had been pending since 2008, demonstrates the authority’s determination to address the concerns and provide compensation to affected individuals. By collaborating with the ICT Revenue Department, the CDA has ensured accuracy and transparency in the awards process. Furthermore, bolstering its credibility. This development offers relief to the beneficiaries. It also underscores the importance of timely execution and transparency in similar land acquisition cases.

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