CDA is planning to develop new parks in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: CDA is planning to develop new parks in Islamabad

According to a news source on April 14, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) intends to develop a number of fresh and contemporary parks in the nation’s capital in an effort to offer people improved recreational opportunities.

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Additionally, according to sources, the authority has set up over 37 public parks already in the last ten years. Also, plans to build more in the coming years. A CDA official claims that after the satisfaction of all the legal requirements, the municipal organization will require three to four months to create a new park. Further, there are already six amusement parks in the plan. These are enough to meet the recreational needs of Islamabad inhabitants.

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Reports show that a new strategy was implemented. Moreover, it states that anytime a new sector will construct, an amusement park will also build alongside it. According to the specifics, the CDA has been creating a number of new sectors. These sectors include I-11, I-12, I-14, I-15, I-16, D-12, and Park Enclave. Along with model communities and parks.

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