CDA approves construction of Football Stadium in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: CDA approves construction of international level football stadium in Islamabad

During its sixth meeting of the year, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Board approved the construction of an international-level football stadium in Islamabad. This decision, made at the CDA offices by Chairman Captain (Retd) Noor ul Amin Mengal, is an important milestone for sports fans in the capital city and is expected to strengthen Islamabad’s sports culture and infrastructure.

The CDA board has approved the establishment of the Building and Housing Control Wing in addition to the football stadium. All residential and commercial buildings in Islamabad have to collect rainwater as part of this plan. They must have water-recharging wells and tanks before the approval of their building plans. This initiative will solve the region’s water scarcity problem and sustainable water management practices will also promote.

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Additionally, the setting up of the Building Control Wing is going to be important. It helps in preventing unauthorized building projects and upholds the city’s building codes. The responsibility of verifying adherence to construction requirements will fall to a total of 50 field teams. Each team consists of one assistant director and two surveyors. This should speed up the building process and guarantee that all Islamabad structures are constructing according to the approved plans and rules.

The CDA board also gives power to the SDE Wing to issue penalties and fines for violations. The board has given the CDA Chairman the power to set fees. This will probably make it easier for the city to enforce environmental and sanitary laws.

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