Trivelles Smart Villas Access Routes

Trivelles Smart Villas Access Routes

Trivelles Smart Villas is a futuristic project. It is a project of Trivelles International, well-known UK based property firm. Truly new destination for luxury living, it is actually smart from every extent. It envisions innovative lifestyle in the First Smart City of Pakistan, Capital Smart City.

The worth of any real estate venture is estimated by its location. Same is the case with Trivelles. It enjoys all the perk of being situated at prime location. In this blog, we will discuss different access routes to reach Location of Trivelles Smart Villas.

Location of Trivelles Smart Villas

Trivelles  located in Block D of Overseas District-1. In Capital Smart City, Overseas District-1 reserved for overseas individual. Moreover, the possession will also granted to them at first priority. Trivelles Smart Villas Location idirectly linked to Main Boulevard. Thus, it has immediate access from the society’s entry gate.

Surrounding of Trivelles Smart Villas

Trivelles Smart Villas surrounded by 2 phenomenal landmarks of Capital Smart City. First is the Crystal Lake while other is 18-Hole Signature Golf Course. Built on international standard, both of these are biggest attraction for residents as well as tourists.

Apart from natural serenity, mountain and lake, it also present in the center of three parks including Flower Garden, Linear Gardens and Heritage Gardens. One can enjoy the immediate proximity to Lakeside Commercial Complex, 3D Cinema, Floating and China Village, jogging and Bike Tracks running by Crystal Lake. Also, all the requisites of modern and elegant lifestyle are present at walking distance.

Access Route of Trivelles Smart Villas

Trivelles Smart Villas is readily available from 3 main routes as described below

1. Motorway M2

The main connecting route between Islamabad and Lahore is Motor M2. It also known as Lahore Islamabad Motorway. It is the most convenient route to reach Capital Smart City and Trivelles correspondingly. Although, it is bit longer than other routes but it doesn’t have congested roads and traffic jam.

2. Rawalpindi Ring Road

Rawalpindi Ring Road is currently under construction. However, after its completion, the overall journey time to reach 350ft will reduced to 15 minutes. It is most awaited route and overall worth of this project will elevate to soaring heights after its completion.

3. New Islamabad International Airport

If you are coming from abroad and want to reach your home right after landing here, then Trivelles is ideal option. It is situated only 15 minutes’ drive away from New Islamabad International Airport.



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