RUDA plans to launch Phase II of Chahar Bagh Soon

News Announcement

The Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) has announced the launching of Phase II of the Chahar Bagh smart city project. On September 10, according to a post published on the authority’s official Facebook page.

Chahar Bagh Phase II

While details regarding Phase II remain under wraps for now, the news has ignited anticipation and curiosity among residents and investors alike. Chahar Bagh, a visionary smart city project initiated by RUDA, has already been making waves with its ambitious development plans. This new phase promises to usher in even more innovations and modern amenities designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents.

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New Interchange

The post also mentioned that RUDA has unveiled a plan to construct a new interchange. According to the details, this interchange will connect the Chahar Bagh project to Lahore Ring Road. Through this interchange, the flow of traffic will be improved and made smoother.

Project Aims

Furthermore, the project aims to integrate smart city features, including a robust digital infrastructure for enhanced connectivity and communication, thereby positioning Chahar Bagh as a technologically advanced urban enclave.

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Project Launch and Beyond

RUDA is currently finalizing the last stages of planning and obtaining necessary approvals for Phase II. The authority aims to officially unveil the project to the public within the next six months, generating considerable excitement among potential buyers and investors.


Phase II of Chahar Bagh holds the promise of a future-ready urban lifestyle, and RUDA plans is dedicated to transforming this vision into a vibrant reality. With its sustainable approach and focus on community well-being, the project expects to set a new standard for urban development and stand as a testament to RUDA’s commitment to excellence in urban planning and execution.

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