Rawalpindi Development Authority to regulate private housing societies

According to news sources, the RDA and the District Council have recently made a substantial agreement. This agreement entails the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at enhancing the oversight and governance of private housing societies in Rawalpindi. ‘Rawalpindi Development Authority to regulate private housing societies’ is good news.

Uniting authority for efficient regulation and growth of Housing Societies in the district

Last week, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Hassan Waqar Cheema, who also fulfills the role of District Council administrator, conducted a meeting to tackle the fast expansion of housing societies .He also establish efficient regulation of private housing societies in the district. Further, the RDA will assume the responsibility of managing and regulating private housing societies. The task of granting building approvals in the district will also be given to RDA. This decision aims to centralize authority and regulatory functions within a unified civic body.

To finalize the details of this arrangement, a dedicated five-member committee is established. The committee includes the representatives from the RDA, Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation, and District Council. The main aim is to set the terms and conditions. The aim is to hand over the duties related to building control to the RDA from the District Council.  Also, the aim is to set the conditions to provide the regulation of private housing societies to RDA. Moreover, Nova City Islamabad is a beautiful housing society providing premium amenities.

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Unified Efforts: Regulating Private Housing

The Rawalpindi District Council will supply the RDA with crucial details and the required manpower. The aim is to help RDA in achieving a seamless transition and effective regulation. As authorized by the District Council administrator, the RDA will formally take over the administration and control of private housing societies in the local government regions on June 25.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the RDA currently does not possess the legal mandate to supervise private housing societies in the district; it also cannot initiate legal actions against any unauthorized societies, schemes, or constructions until the finalization of the MoU. However, the acknowledgment of Section 23 of the Local Government Act 2022 provides clarity that the local government can delegate its responsibilities to the development authority. Moreover, this clarification empowers the RDA to undertake the regulation of private housing societies.

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