List of 5 Government Housing Scheme in Gwadar

Are you thinking to make an investment that secures your future? Then you should visit the Gwadar port which offers golden investment opportunities. Gwadar comes under the most attractive and recreational port cities of Pakistan, located in the Balochistan province on Pakistan’s southern coast. Moreover, the Makran Coastal Highway connects Pakistan’s largest Metropolis city Karachi with Gwadar. Let’s discuss the list of 5 government housing scheme in Gwadar.


The real estate development in Gwadar is concerned with the city’s rapid speed of infrastructure development. Additionally, being the hub of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, the city has seen an enormous flow of investments. The experts having a solid background in the real estate sector termed this city a game changer not only for Pakistan but also for the real estate sector of the country.

Moreover, rapid development grabs the attention of key players in the real estate sector, and their entrance into the real estate domain will be a win-win situation for affiliated sectors. There are multiple investment societies in Gwadar that increase the value of this city day by day.

History of Gwadar City

From 1783 to 1958 Gwadar remains under the custody of Oman. 170km west of Gwadar, Chabahar the sister city port is located. Moreover, in 1958, the Geographical Survey of the United States reveals that Gwadar port has the ability and attributes to enlist among the top deepest water ports of the world. Furthermore, after realizing the Gwadar port’s importance Pakistan makes efforts to buy it from the Omanian ruler. After four years of negotiation, Pakistan bought Gwadar port for US$ 3 million from Oman on 8th September 1958. In addition, after 20 years of Omani sovereignty, Gwadar became part of Pakistani territory on December 8th, 1958.

China’s government multi-mega project namely ‘CPEC’ changed the economic destiny of Pakistan. In 2015, china signed an agreement with Pakistan to invest $1.62 billion in the development of Gwadar port under the guardianship of CPEC.

5 Government Housing Scheme in Gwadar

Many government and private companies have launched various housing schemes to fulfill the needs of the general public and investors. The top trending, well-known, and investment-worthy 5 government housing schemes in Gwadar are listing below.

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar

The first beneficial scheme in the list is the Sangar housing scheme in Gwadar. Moreover, it is one of the planned housing localities and can provide an amazing and luxurious lifestyle to people. In addition, Sangar Housing Scheme is located beside South Avenue and is considered the best society in Gwadar.

Furthermore, this housing development offers a long-term solution for individuals looking for a home that is closer to harmony with nature and who desire unrestricted views of the sea.

Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar
Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar

Unique Characteristics of Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar

  • The location of this housing scheme is ideal
  • Moreover, it spans over 2500 acres
  • The society also offers playgrounds, Community Park, shopping malls, and schools
  • Furthermore, Sangar Housing Scheme Gwadar is introduced to cater to the housing needs of an upcoming deep seaport

New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar

The New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar is a government project consisting of both residential and commercial plots. Moreover, it’s a settled locality and more than 50pc of its area is populated. The society can be accessed through Jinnah Avenue and the locality has dedicated to commercial buildings.

In 1986, the first phase of the society has been developed and only reserve for residential purposes. In addition, 500sq/yd and 1000sq/yd plots were offering at relatively low costs. All the basic and modern amenities are offering to its residents.

There are a lot of private developers that are marketing their projects to the general public, but there are also a number of government programs like the Sangar Housing Scheme and the New Town Housing Scheme that are safe to invest in. People usually do not double-check the information and fall for the trap because the marketing for such housing schemes are so alluring and deceptive.

New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar
New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar

Significant Properties of New Town Housing Scheme Gwadar

  • This housing scheme lies at the most strategic location in Gwadar
  • 750-meter dia of Monument
  • Moreover, Marine Drive & Padizar Boulevard High Rise Commercial
  • Fuel Station is also lie near the locality
  • The location provides world-class amenities to its residents at budget-friendly prices
  • East Bay park is also located close to the locality

You can also consider New City Paradise as an excellent investment opportunity for better ROI.

GIEDA Industrial Scheme Gwadar

GIEDA stands for Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority. It is a commercial project launch by the government of Balochistan. Moreover, GIEDA is based on small, medium, and large enterprises and aims to fulfill the business needs of investors. The project is under development yet. Therefore, GIEDA is an important part of the CPEC project designing to cater to the needs of industries in Balochistan.

Furthermore, the development of Block F has been started and is expected to be functional in 2023.  GIEDA is a project of the Balochistan Government and approved by GDA Gwadar Development Authority. In addition, large manufacturing industries, stores, warehouses, mechanical plants as well as many other commercial factories would be proposed in Gwadar industrial zone. Following are the major areas of Gwadar’s commercial and industrial businesses.

  • Import/export
  • Construction/Building material
  • Transportation
  • Shipping/Clearing/Forwarding
  • Warehousing and value-added processing
  • Textile/Leather made-up garments
  • Packaging as well as trans-shipment.
GIEDA2 Housing Scheme Gwadar
GIEDA2 Housing Scheme Gwadar

To manage all the activities of GIEDA, the Balochistan government establishes #GIDEA Gwadar which is an autonomous body. Moreover, the government also deployed an independent team to look after the commercial land for sale in Gwadar.

Maanbar Housing Scheme Gwadar

The Maanbar Housing scheme Gwadar is a government project located on the marine drive and off the coast of Pishukan, district Gwadar. In Gwadar real estate, some government projects are worthwhile for investment. However, these projects are of various types such as commercial, residential, industrial, and agricultural. Maanbar Housing scheme Gwadar is located at the prime location on the seaside in Gwadar port city.

Moreover, the Pishukan Gwadar area contains beautiful beaches, a fisheries setup, and a series of beautiful hills. Furthermore, the society offers a wide range of residential and commercial plots for investment.

Maanbar Housing Scheme Gwadar
Maanbar Housing Scheme Gwadar

Balochistan Employees Gwadar

BECHS (Balochistan Employees Corporation Housing Society) is another government housing project specifically designed for the government employees of Balochistan. Moreover, commercial and residential plots are available for sale, purchase, possession as well as transfer in BECHS. It is one of the best projects from an investment point of view in Gwadar because the future of this locality is amazing.

Balochistan Employee Corporation Housing Society
Balochistan Employee Corporation Housing Society

Why invest in Gwadar?

In addition, the city is developing at a very fast pace. Because of the nature of the work, Pakistan will soon be known as Dubai. Smart investors have started the greatest investments in Gwadar Pakistan, particularly in the housing and industrial sectors, to make attractive profits in a short period. They have realized that many people will move to Gwadar shortly in search of new opportunities.


Due to its versatile features and qualities, Gwadar city has become popular in the Gwadar real estate market. Moreover, real estate investors from all over the world come to this strategically, economically, and commercially significant city to get a part of this Ali Baba gem. Furthermore, this recreational and beautiful city is considering an outstanding destination by those who want to fulfill their ‘American Dream. The architects of Pakistan and China are working together to make Gwadar A Smart Port City. Therefore, people are already moving towards investing in Gwadar to make a profit in a short period.

Likewise, Nova City Peshawar is an ideal investment opportunity due to its popularity and luxurious features.

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