LDA reduces the time required for the approval of building plans

According to a news report, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has implemented enhancements in its building plan approval procedure for both private housing schemes and regular LDA projects on 03 October.

As per reports, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has declared a notable decrease in the duration needed for approval of building plans for housing schemes. Previously, the approval process took 30 days, but now it has reduced to just 3 working days.

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This decision in the approval process was initiated by LDA Director General Muhammad Ali Randhawa, who stressed the significance of aligning the process more closely with the public’s requirements. The objective of this advancement is to guarantee a streamlined experience for all parties involved.

Moreover, the LDA is actively engaging in developing an easily accessible online system. This system helps to enhance the efficiency of the approval process. This digital platform crafted to augment the current physical channels. As offering the public various options to submit and monitor their building plans.

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The Chief Town Planner of LDA, Azhar Ali, has indicated that “All essential reports and processes, starting from on-site assessments to final approvals, will consolidated within the One Window Cell.” He also highlighted the removal of unnecessary administrative steps and the implementation of updated Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Additionally, the user-friendliness of the system will improved through the use of the PITB-developed E-Khidmat software. This will provide comprehensive plot reports through GIS and generate challans via the SAP system.

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