LDA bulldozes six alleged illegal properties in Lahore


The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) remains committed to its ongoing efforts to address encroachments and illegal constructions in Lahore. The Town Planning Zone Five of LDA conducted a recent operation and demolished six illegal properties across various locations in the city. These demolitions serve as a strong message against unauthorized structures and reinforce the LDA’s commitment to planned urban development. In this blog post, we will explore the details of the operation and its significance in clearing out unauthorized constructions that hinder the city’s progress.

Operation by LDA Targets Illegal Properties

The targeted operation conducted by the Lahore Development Authority focused on identifying and demolishing illegal properties in different areas of Lahore. The six properties that faced demolition were found to be in violation of LDA regulations. Furthermore, these were constructed without the necessary approvals. These unauthorized structures posed a threat to the city’s development plans. Moreover, they were obstacles to the creation of organized and sustainable urban spaces.

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Demolition Locations

The demolitions took place in prominent areas of Lahore, including Defence Road, LDA Avenue One, and Jubilee Town. These locations have witnessed significant growth and development. This makes it crucial to ensure that construction activities align with the city’s regulations. By targeting illegal properties in these areas, the LDA aims to preserve the integrity of planned urban spaces and prevent encroachments that can hinder future development.

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Restaurants Demolished in Ada Plot and Main Boulevard Jubilee Town

As part of the operation, the Lahore Development Authority demolished illegally constructed restaurants in Ada Plot and Main Boulevard Jubilee Town. These establishments violated the city’s construction regulations by erecting them without the necessary approvals and permits from the LDA. By taking decisive action against these unauthorized structures, the LDA seeks to maintain the planned development of commercial areas. Furthermore, ensuring that businesses operate within the framework of the law.

Shops Demolished in LDA Avenue-1 F Block

The operation also targeted unauthorized shops in LDA Avenue-1 F Block. The owners claimed that they had received assurances from LDA officials. But despite that, the authority determined the constructions to be unauthorized and carried out the necessary demolitions. The owners constructed these shops without an approved plan, disregarding the regulations set by the LDA. This emphasizes the importance of adhering to proper procedures and obtaining official approvals before initiating any construction activities.

LDA and its Ongoing Commitment

The Lahore Development Authority’s commitment to addressing encroachments and illegal constructions extends beyond this operation. The Commissioner and Director General of the LDA, Muhammad Ali Randhawa, have expressed their determination to continue taking action against such illegal practices. They aim to ensure that parking areas across the city remain accessible to the public. Moreover, unauthorized structures do not obstruct them. The LDA urges citizens to cooperate with the authorities. Hence they request them to refrain from engaging in any illegal construction activities that hinder the city’s development.


The recent demolition of six illegal properties in Lahore showcases the Lahore Development Authority’s unwavering commitment to addressing encroachments. Moreover, also ensuring planned urban development. By targeting unauthorized constructions and taking decisive action, the LDA aims to preserve the integrity of the city’s development plans and create a well-regulated urban environment. It is crucial for citizens to cooperate with the LDA. Furthermore, adhere to construction regulations, fostering a collaborative approach towards building a better Lahore that thrives on legality, accessibility, and sustainable growth.

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