La Mer Domes International Realty Expands In Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City La Mer District is a modern project that attracts all the investor’s needs and desires. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s also essential to maintain a good balance between your personal and professional lives. Capital Smart City is performing well, separate out and carrying a lot of prestige. The newly opened neighborhood of La Mer is all about providing excellent professional, business, and leisure services. Additionally, the general public and potential investors are seizing the chance immediately after launch.

In addition, the wide range of commercial opportunities and the wonderful infrastructure are exactly what attracts in the crowds. The district contains everything an investor may need, whether they plan to pursue a business interest, look for employment, or launch a startup. Additionally, La Mer’s entertainment features and beautiful environment are worth noticing.

A superbly designed commercial area called Capital Smart City La Mer District has already received Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) approval. Moreover, to encourage business activity in Capital Smart City, it will provide commercial plots and areas with all the necessary amenities. This magnificent commercial area is being developed collaboratively by Future Development Holdings (FDHL) and Habib Rafiq Private Limited (HRL). It is expertly designed by Surbana Jurong and other CSCI design consultants. Lahore Smart City is also the project of these developers

La Mer District Location

Capital Smart City La Mer District is situated in the most famous area of the society; as a result, it will become a business center for both the society and the twin cities. In terms of its location, it is located adjacent to the Jahan Dam and so captures the breathtaking views of the waterways. Additionally, it lies ideally in Capital Smart City’s far northeast. It may be found on the left side of Lake View Terraces and the right side of Capital Hills, slightly near to the Overseas East. Nova City Islamabad location is also very famous and easily accessible through various nearby societies.

What makes you visit La Mer District?

Everybody wants to take their family on luxurious spots while keeping costs low. Although it is not feasible due to the high costs of restaurants and brands. But you don’t need to worry right now because you’ve just found an exciting new spot with lots of entertaining amenities that are feasible and safe. These are some of the main benefits of living in La Mer’s capital smart city.

  • There are 120 outlets altogether
  • There are ten service stations
  • Twelve or more L&E facilities
  • There are 12 handicraft stores
  • More than 22 clothing retailers and brands
  • Dine in 8 different cafés or restaurants with your family and friends.

What, not 44 F&B establishments?

Yes, having access to all of these amenities on one route sounds wonderful when travelling with your family and not wanting to travel far for anything.

Gulberg Greens Islamabad also offers a great shopping experience to its visitors.

You may manage all of your shopping and work with your kids in La Mer Capital Smart City. The Water Park and seashore parks are clean. As a result, your children can play and swim for as long as they wish. You also have a bridge that spans society to make it even easier for you to navigate the La Mer Capital Smart City. You won’t have to deal with traffic or a rush to enjoy your weekend. Therefore, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious experience with a variety of brands and cafés.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, La Mer District of Capital Smart City is a luxury commercial development project. It provides upscale shopping with cutting-edge services and conveniences. Reputable firms in Pakistan’s real estate development sector are constructing it.

For those wishing to invest in a top real estate development in Pakistan, Capital Smart City La Mer District gives a fantastic opportunity with cutting-edge infrastructure, environmentally friendly architecture, and a variety of property kinds and sizes available. Overall, this District is a big initiative that promises to change Islamabad’s real estate market. Also, give locals access to a trustworthy business environment.

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