Karachi Mayor Forms Committee for Commercial Building Fire Safety

Karachi Mayor Barrister Murtaza Wahab has established a three-member committee with the task of inspecting fire safety in commercial buildings, as reported in major newspapers on November 28.

In a meeting held on Monday, Mayor Wahab made the decision to conduct fire safety audits specifically for commercial buildings. The initial phase will focus on scrutinizing buildings along Shahrah-e-Faisal, II Chundrigar Road, and Tariq Road to identify those equipped with adequate safety systems.

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During the meeting, it was revealed that many large commercial buildings lack proper emergency exit routes. In response, Mayor Wahab instructed the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) staff to inspect significant buildings in these designated areas. Stressing the legal obligation, he highlighted that large buildings must have fire safety systems along with emergency exit routes.

Mayor Directed the Administration for Creating Building Lists

To address this issue, the mayor directed the administration to create a list distinguishing buildings with and without emergency exit routes. Moreover, he emphasized that action would be taken against buildings lacking fire safety systems and emergency exits. Underscoring the significance of these measures for saving lives and urging cooperation from building management and owners.

The responsible officers have been assigned the task of including members from the Fire Brigade Department in conducting the survey. Their assessment will encompass various fire safety measures such as escape routes, emergency exits, and essential fire safety equipment like smoke detectors, fire watch guards, fire extinguishers, and fire hoses.

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Furthermore, they will scrutinize the condition of electrical equipment, including meters, switches, and plugs. Investigate any other potential fire hazards or factors that could exacerbate emergency situations.

Furthermore, these officers are required to submit the final report within 15 working days. The mayor stressed the criticality of these inspections in safeguarding the city’s residents and urged prompt and efficient action.

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