Sindh Government Focus on the collection of property taxes

Mr. Manzoor Ali Sheikh, the Additional Chief Secretary of Local Government in Sindh, has stressed the urgency of swiftly opening more bank accounts for the purpose of paying property taxes challans. In a review meeting focusing on property tax collection, he highlighted the importance of enhancing efficiency in tax collection and increasing revenue generation.

He recommended accelerating the property tax collection procedure, emphasizing the necessity to promptly target all residential and commercial properties across the province. However, he directed the officials to broaden the tax collection network to encompass all Union Councils, districts, and towns.

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Furthermore, Mr. Manzoor instructed the officers to guarantee the timely delivery of property tax notices to the accurate addresses. Additionally, he emphasized that no notices should be sent to institutions and government buildings that are not liable for property taxes or are exempt from them.

In the briefing, officials from the Excise and Taxation Department informed Sheikh that the responsibility for property tax collection had officially shifted to the Local Government Department of Sindh, following the prior approval of the Sindh Cabinet. Furthermore, this department will oversee property tax collections in all districts of Sindh.

Thorough Record of all Challans

Additional Chief Secretary for Local Sindh Government, Manzoor Ali Sheikh, instructed the punctual resolution of payments. These payments owed to postal services responsible for delivering the challans. He stressed the importance of maintaining a thorough record of all challans. These challans were refunded, along with clear explanations for their refunds. He emphasized the need to accelerate the property tax collection process promptly.

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The increased focus on property tax collection aligns with the government’s broader vision of creating a prosperous and sustainable future for the people of Sindh. While, by fortifying the tax collection process, the Sindh government aims to create a more equitable society. Moreover, funds crumples efficiently to address pressing social and infrastructural challenges. Furthermore, these efforts will lead to enhanced revenue generation, laying the foundation for a more prosperous and developed Sindh.

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