How can different types of clay be used in construction?

Everybody imagines transforming architectural plans into their ideal living space. The high quality raw materials form a strong basis for your house. However, a house erected with high quality construction materials will remain standing while a house built with substandard raw materials would not be regarded as a well-constructed home. The clay used in construction plays a vital role in strong building constructions.

Various types of raw materials have been used in the construction process. ‘Clay’ is one of the significant construction materials.

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about how clay is used in construction and the different roles that various construction companies play in relation to the process.

Clay is a mineral that is composed of aluminum silicates, which makes it have a paste like texture. Often, it is derived from smashing different types of rocks like granite.

Two kinds of clay are commonly used in the construction process:

  • Mixed up with water it can exhibit elasticity.
  • When it dries or heats over 800 degrees Celsius, it can turned into a very strong material.

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Types of Clay Used in Construction 

While estimating the cost of construction in Pakistan, the cost of different clay used in construction must be put into consideration. Some of the types of clay widely used in construction and development projects include:

Brick Clay

Bricks constitute the foundation of every structure. They are made of impure brick clay. It exhibits a red or yellow color on cooking, but the hue depends directly on the iron oxide content in its composition.

It is commonly used in making ceramic works and houses like walls and roofing, terraces, gardens, and facades.

Kaolin Clay

Kalin clay is the purest clay and it is the most common in construction. It is white in color and is usually used as a porcelain base. This clay brittles and has poor plasticity. It operates at its greatest efficiency between a temperature range of 1250 and 1450 degrees.


Stoneware Clay

It is an accumulation of feldspar that is basically a lump of clay. It is characterized by great plasticity and minimal absorptivity when being prepared above 1000 degrees.

Such clay is used for bricks and internal home decoration.

Bentonite Clay

It is the clay that arises from volcanic ashes and has a plastic behavior due to the tiny dimensions of its molecules.

Due to its high content and concentration of iron, it is employed as a mixture of porcelain or earthenware pastes. The proportion of it that should be added is not more than 3%. If the proportions exceeded this percentage, it would cause cracks in pieces.

Potter’s Clay

To put it simply, potter’s clay is a kind of clay that is used to make pots, other similar modeling work, as well as other decoration items. It is called ‘red mud’ because it is reddish, light, or brown when cooked at a temperature of between 900 and 1050 degrees.

You can thus develop beautiful figures with a perfect finish devoid of enamel in any setting.

Refractory Clay

There is another type of clay in construction called refractory clay. It is a highly temperature resistant clay. It extensively used in the modeling of murals and the production of bricks for refractory ovens. This clay must melted at a temperature above 1500 degrees for one to achieve this purpose.

Ball Clay

It is clay with high organic matter content, which in its pure form is dark grey or dark, but after baking becomes light. It has a good shrinkage quality hence it is generally coupled with different types of clay.

Types of Clay Based On the Source

The types of clay obtained from different sources include the following.

Primary Clay: It exists in rocks and also in hill areas. It is white or slightly grey and has the texture of plastic.

Secondary Clay: Secondary clay is clay that falls off the rock where it originates and settles down on the ground.

The secondary clay also present in different colors including red, black, grey, and yellow. Unlike the first ones, these are made of plastic and quite suitable for pottery work.

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These are the common types of clay used in construction. If the time is near to build your own house, we advise you to know the types of clay in construction to achieve a good understanding of the construction materials used in that place.


The quality of raw materials determines the durability and strength of a house. While several construction materials have their roles to play, clay stands out of all for its versatility in construction. There are different types of clay ranging from brick clay, and refractory to potter’s clay used for various purposes with varied characteristics when treated under different temperatures. In addition, it is important to understand these clay variations which ensure the right materials are used to construct a home.

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