Gwadar International Airport will receive uninterrupted electricity of 12 MW

New Gwadar International Airport (NGIA) has received unprecedented approval for a seamless and uninterrupted power supply of 12MW, ensuring smooth operations. The news ‘Gwadar International Airport will receive uninterrupted electricity of 12 MW’ is admirable.

Meeting Energy Demands for Ministry of Planning with 12 MW Approval

The Ministry of Planning has decided to power up the NGIA and fulfills its energy demands. Further, the National Power Distribution Company and (QESCO) have successfully obtained formal approval for 12 MW for the New Gwadar International Airport.

NGIA Set for Seamless Operations with 12 MW Uninterrupted Power Supply

According to QESCO officials, the tenting and commissioning process is anticipated to be finalized within 10 days. The essential infrastructure, encompassing pole erections, transmission lines, and electrical circuits, has already been synchronized with the existing power system. Moreover, NGIA will enjoy uninterrupted access to a 12 MW power supply round the clock to ensure seamless operations. Additionally, three power transmission lines will be interconnected with NGIA, serving as backup arrangements in the event of any operational challenges with one line.

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The three power transmission lines are:

  1. The initial transmission line stretches across a distance of 286 kilometers. It is serving as a dual-circuit 132kV transmission line that traverses Naal-Basima-Naag-Panjgur.
  2. Further, the second line comes from the Mund-Pishin-Turbat transmission line to the grid station of Gwadar
  3. The third line originates from the Gabd-Remden power transmission to the grid station of Jiwini-Gwadar

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By the middle of September this year, NGIA will start operations. It will also welcome national and international flights after the electrification process is complete. Moreover, this development connects Gwadar with the rest of the world and marks a new era in modern air travel.

Furthermore, the construction of the NGIA, which includes the civil, structural, mechanical, and technical aspects (apart from the navigation and communication work), is near completion.

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