Discover the charm of a 1 kanal plot of land: your gateway to spacious living

It is a dream for a person in Pakistan to build a lavish house. 1 kanal plot of land seems a tempting option. Its space and splendor, uncountable designs. The 1 Kanal house is the best luxury living plan ideal for families of up to 10 members. We will be discussing modern ideas if you are looking to construct a contemporary Kanal house.

In this blog, we shall give you a journey to discover the charm of a 1 kanal plot of land exposing some of the best gateway to spacious living. We offer you contemporary elegance or traditional charm, depending on your preferences.

The Charm of 1 Kanal House in Pakistan

In Pakistan a “Kanal” is a land measurement unit; 1 Kanal equals about 20 marlas or 505.857 square meters. One Marla is equal to 225 square feet.

Therefore, a 1 Kanal house plan is approximately 4500 square feet, and based on proportion, the common dimensions for a 5 Marla house plan become 50×90 feet.

However, 1 Kanal house is a property constructed on a one-kanal plot that provides enough space for elegant living, a garden, and various amenities. In general, they tend to occupy the upper ends of residential areas and denote the highest levels of sophistication and wealth.

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Best 1 Kanal House Designs in Pakistan

The most popular and up-to-date 1 Kanal housing plans in Pakistan.

Contemporary Design

This type of contemporary 01 Kanal house design is famous for its straight line and open areas. The use of large glass windows and an open-plan layout ensures sufficient illumination of the interiors to achieve a lightness effect. Moreover, such designs usually have sleek materials like glass, steel, and concrete that go along with a neutral color palette aiming for an elegant, less cluttered look.

Spanish Design

01 Kanal houses can be designed for those who like Spanish architecture with spacious luxury and timeless Spanish charm. These include arched doorways, terracotta tiles, stucco walls, central courtyards, mosaic tiles, wooden beams and wrought iron accents.

In addition, each of these designs offers a distinct and exquisite background for designing a dream home that incorporates the splendor of space with the charm of Spanish aesthetics.

Factors to Consider Before Building 01 Kanal House Designs and Plans in Pakistan

Constructing a 1 Kanal house in Pakistan is no small business and should involve all relevant aspects of planning.

Before starting this construction project, consider these crucial factors:

Financial Planning: Know your budget and financial constraints. A 1 Kanal house can be very expensive, therefore, it is important to have a clear financial plan and ensure that the requisite funds are available.

Land Selection: The choice of location for your property is important. Look at aspects such as nearness to facilities, security, and ease of access. Location can make a big difference in the quality of life and property value.

Legal Requirements: Comply with the legal requirements and get all the required permits and documentation. This includes the process of land ownership verification, building permits, and compliance with local building codes and regulations.

Architectural Design: You should work with an experienced architect to design a house that fits your tastes and desires. Therefore, think of the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, living spaces, and the layout.

Quality Construction Materials: Use high-quality construction materials. Also, this is important considering the different climatic conditions in Pakistan and the life of your home.

Maintenance and Ongoing Costs: Ensure ongoing maintenance costs such as repairs, property taxes, and utility bills. Maintaining a 1 Kanal house can be expensive.

Resale Value: Have this in mind when thinking of your property’s resale value. Tastes change and it is important to ensure that your house looks the part to future buyers.

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Q1: How big should be the room in 1 kanal house?

Ans: A room in the 01 Kanal house is 50×90 square feet in size.

Q2: How many rooms are in a 1 Kanal house?

Ans: The house of a 01 Kanal has usually 4 to 6 bedrooms.

Q3: How much does 1 kanal house cost in Pakistan?

Ans: You will pay 517,260.67 for a 01 kanal house of construction with a complete grey structure and finishing for the basement. 55,180,000.

Q4: How big is 1 kanal house in Pakistan?

Ans: One Kanal plot is equivalent to 20 Marla or 4500 square feet.

Q5: What are the bricks in 1 kanal house?

Ans: To build a 01 Kanal house in Pakistan you need about 135,000 bricks.

Q6: The amount of cement in one Kanal house?

Ans: To build a 01 Kanal house in Pakistan requires 1600 bags of cement.


Construction of a dream 01 Kanal house in Pakistan is a very crucial issue that must be well thought out. Also, the design and floor plan should be carefully chosen to impact your living and create an appropriate ambiance for your house.

Furthermore, if you lean towards a contemporary masterpiece or the Spanish gem, consult the architects and designers specializing in creating 01 Kanal houses. The choice of your 01 Kanal house designs and plans in Pakistan will make your 01 Kanal house the ultimate comfort and luxury.

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