Design Consultants of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City itself is a futuristic development in real estate industry. With a vision of providing new destination, it is first ever smart city of Pakistan. Moreover, it also envisions to become one of the biggest Eco-Friendly city of Pakistan. This high standard residential venture determines to deliver luxury living experience with all other necessaries of life. All the prime provisions of superior residence are keenly concentrated by Design Consultants of Capital Smart City .

Capital Smart City Islamabad will be pioneer of sustainable future by making most out of latest technology. Smart Economy, Smart Housing and Smart Environment ensures self-sustaining development. further, unique designs, aesthetically and state of the art architecture are also the key terms to define Capital Smart City.

Design Consultants of Capital Smart City

Designs Consultants are at the helm for the overall outlook of any project. Being hallmark of urban development, Capital Smart City acquires multi-disciplinary team of design consultants that provides full-fledge range of solutions in distinct departments. All these firms are master in their own-firm. They are harnessed by delivering efficient and successful projects in vast array from past several years.

In addition, being expert in urban designing and management, they have also offered world-class projects and ventures. All of these projects equipped with finest facilities and amenities. Below you will get an overview view of eminent design consultants delivering upscale projects in Capital Smart City.


Cracknell is one of the leading brand in global planning, urban designing and landscape architecture. Since 1987, it delivered enormous successful projects around the globe including Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia. Cracknell highly regarded for delivering deluxe, innovative and practical design solutions. Quality project deliverance and commitment to clients lie at the core values of cracknell.

It always strives to bring positivity in people lives through its respective domain. Its profound knowledge about infrastructure web, social and community patterns, regions’ development principles and open-space themes ensures to achieve their goal i.e. sustainable and integrated development.

At Capital Smart City, cracknell  particularly responsible for development and Master Planning of Potohar Ranches. It is an elegant project in Capital Smart City featuring Villas, Townhouse and Residential Apartments. Furthermore, it aims to integrate Capital Signature gold course designed by Harradine Golf with these residential units. The signing ceremony held in United Arab Emirates in 18 July, 2018.

Harradine Golf

Harradine Golf is one of the leading international brand in designing, planning and managing Gold Courses. Founded in 1929, it is believed to be king in its own precinct. Harradine Golf completed more than 200 marvelous project mainly in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Its projects have won several global awards and honors to host annual PGA tournaments.

These golf courses are designed in distinct type of terrains. It believes that Golf should be pleasant experience rather than a hazard frustrations. Harradine Golf integrate natural topography and scenic beauty in its finest golf courses and other projects. In addition, it strives to preserve the regional and local essence in its project.

In Capital Smart City, Harradine Golf is planning 18-hole PGA standard Signature Golf Course. furthermore, the signing ceremony between Harradine Golf and Capital Smart City was held on August 14, 2018.

Troon Golf

Troon is a global Professional Club Management firm. It started its journey in 1990. Presently, it has delivered more than 500 golf courses while working in plus 460 locations. It is providing services in lodging, tennis plays, aquatics, gymnasium, food and beverages and many others.

Troon Golf is a subsidiary brand of Troon. It envisions to create custom-made services, stability and detailed focus to minute details. Paying attention to clients’ demands and reviews is the secret behind its success. It provides deluxe playing arena along with marvelous amenities. Quality and consistency primarily reflected in Troon Golf projects.

Troon Golf is especially planning outstanding Golf Club at Capital Smart City. It prioritize customer satisfaction to high level.  Capital Golf Club is featuring Golf Academy, driving course and practice putting green.

DSA Architects International

DSA Architects International is a well-known architectural firm. Since 1990, it has burning passion for creative and aesthetical-proven designing. It is working in more than 20 countries right now. Projects designed by DSA Architects International is a fine blend of creativity, revolution and technical brilliance. It has great expertise in planning hotels and resorts worldwide.

DSA committed to handover particularly excellent designs and state of the art technology driven projects. It makes grade in Hospitality and leisure, Mixed-use development, Entertainment and Casino complex, Safari lodges, Industry projects, Residential villas and much more. It has won several international awards particularly in Hospitality and Leisure category.






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