CDA embraces digitalization to streamline its operations

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is ushering in a technological transformation by introducing an e-filing system and implementing digitalization to enhance the efficiency of its operations delivery. This was reported in a news article on November 10.

In this digital transformation, the CDA has forged a partnership with a private software company to lead the way in this transition. The first phase of this initiative will focus on Sector D-12. This will act as a testing ground for the digitization of property records.

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Under this novel system, all service transactions, ranging from plot auctions to building plan approvals, will smoothly transition to an online platform, along with the issuance of electronic certificates.

Furthermore, the CDA is preparing to introduce a variety of online services. This includes the issuance of birth certificates and the option for online payments for property tax, plot charges, and more. Additionally, they are developing an application to facilitate these online transactions.

In order to improve internal communication, the CDA is in the process of developing an employee portal. Furthermore, they have plans to introduce a cutting-edge online parking system in the near future for the federal capital.

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This shift towards digitalization poising to reshape the way the CDA functions. It also offers residents a more efficient and easily accessible service experience.

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