CDA distributed 7,000 seed balls in Islamabad as part of its efficient afforestation campaign

The Environmental Department of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in Islamabad has handed 7,000 seed balls to locals near Trail 5 as part of an effective afforestation campaign. During the monsoon season, CDA distributed 7000 seed balls in Islamabad, which contained a variety of seeds, were distributed for planting.

Seed Balls

According to details, seed balls have a survival rate that is 80% higher than that of conventional seeds. The process of encasing seeds in a mixture of soil and clay, sometimes known as “Earth Balls“, makes it simple to plant without the need for substantial digging. As a result, seed balls are among the easiest and most effective ways to plant trees.

Providing Benefits

Additionally, seed balls also offer the benefit of possibly dispersing vegetation with minimal soil disturbance. The seed balls simply thrown or placed on the ground using this technique, allowing them to sprout and grow in harmony with the surrounding environment.

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The monsoon or rainy season is seen to be the best period for carrying out this sort of afforestation campaign. It is also known as aerial reforestation.

Environment Maintenance

The seedlings will be crucial in reducing air pollution, controlling temperature, and supplying key habitats for nearby wildlife as they grow. The CDA has plans to monitor the progress of the planted seedlings and to expand the campaign in the coming years.

Eco-friendly Strategy

Furthermore, to promote faster tree growth, seed ball planting also lowers overall costs. This eco-friendly strategy is an important step in maintaining and growing the city’s green spaces.

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The CDA’s distribution of 7,000 seed balls in Islamabad is an important step in the city’s greening and deforestation prevention. This successful afforestation initiative is proof of the effectiveness of group effort in resolving environmental issues. It is creating a more sustainable urban environment for future generations.

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