CDA announces the auction schedule for plots, apartments, and Agro farms in Islamabad

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is tackling budgetary challenges with a strategic move, announces the auction schedule of plots, Agro farms, and apartments scheduled for January 2024, as reported on December 26.

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Details indicate that the plot auction is set for January 10 to 12 at Gandhara Hall in F9 Park, aiming to ease the CDA’s financial burdens. The auction will feature a diverse array of properties located in key areas like Blue Area, Centres, and Park Road. These properties span petrol pumps, Class Three shopping centers, and Agro farms.  Also, apartment plots, fruit and vegetable shops, IT centers, and hostel plots.

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To support this effort, the CDA announced the auction schedule and highlighted the necessity of collecting 25% of the bid amount within a month. A 5% discount will apply to payments in USD.  Whereas, a significant 10% discount will be offered for complete payments made within one month of bid acceptance. Furthermore, approval for construction plans will be expedited upon the initial installment payment.

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