ICCI members urge CDA to establish an Auto City at ISB

The representatives from the Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) engaged with a delegation from the Motor and Importer Dealers Association, urging the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to establish an Auto City. This initiative, reported on November 30, aims to address various issues faced by the automotive sector.

During the discussion, ICCI President Ahsan Zafar Bakhtawari highlighted the importance of car showrooms in job creation and fostering business activities. He emphasized that setting up an Auto City could alleviate parking problems in markets while facilitating smoother operations within the sector. ICCI pledged its support in collaborating with the Association to overcome the challenges encountered by motor dealers.

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The delegation, represented by prominent figures including Raja Amir Karim, President of the Rawalpindi Region, Sardar Irfan, President of the Islamabad Region, Muhammad Waseem Abbasi, Azhar Akhlaq Abbasi, General Secretary of the Islamabad Region, along with other officials, outlined the sector’s specific challenges.

Consequently, they urged the CDA to establish an Auto City dedicated to car showrooms in Islamabad. This collaborative effort between the CDA, motor dealers, and importers aims to effectively tackle parking issues in markets while ensuring the seamless progress of the sector’s business activities. ICCI affirmed its commitment to assisting the Association in resolving the challenges faced by motor dealers.

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Furthermore, President of the Motor and Importer Dealers Association, Haji Tariq, emphasized the pivotal role motor dealers play in business expansion and job creation. He called upon the CDA to consider the Islamabad High Court’s directives and explore successful models from global cities like London, Malaysia, and Singapore to devise a sustainable solution for enhancing car showrooms.


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