Capital Smart City Financial Square District

Capital Smart City, Pakistan’s leading and innovative real estate development, has recently revealed its much-anticipated Financial Square District. Furthermore, this groundbreaking project is set to become a thriving hub for economic activities, reinforcing Islamabad’s position as a global business and financial center.


Capital Smart City’s Financial Square District is the most developed and desirable area. The area will serve as the largest financial hub in the area. This guarantees significant trade and excellent commercial potential because Pakistan, Qatar Financial Centers, and the CPEC Tower are all a part of it.

Ideal Location

The ideal location of Financial Square guarantees the region’s fastest economic growth. The area is around 20 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport and offers two BRT stations. CSC Aviation District is also well-designed.

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RDA– Approved

Capital Smart City is an RDA-approved housing society. Financial Square District of CSC is the best choice if you are looking for a perfect commercial place to invest. With its abundant business opportunities, the region ensures profitable and secured investment.

Innovative Architecture

The Financial Square District also takes pride in producing innovative, world-class architecture. The area is kept up well, with parks and a mall that provides recreational and leisure activities.


Following are the Financial Square District amenities:

  • 4 Star Hotel
  • CPEC Tower
  • Apartments
  • Central Park
  • Parking Plaza
  • Jamia Mosque
  • Qatar Financial Centre
  • Mega Mall and Leisure
  • Pakistan Financial Centre
  • Mixed-use Apartments / Offices / Retail

Business Opportunities

The area is set up to accommodate a range of businesses, from small and medium-sized organizations (SMEs) to global corporations. Additionally, investors and entrepreneurs have the option to modify their investments to suit their particular needs.

Financial Services

The Financial Square District will based on various financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies, and investment firms. This concentration of financial services will offer easy access to capital and financial expertise for businesses.

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The Capital Smart City Financial Square District stands out as a prospective center for economic development and investment. It presents a special chance for firms, investors, and entrepreneurs to succeed in a creative environment. This district has the opportunity to play a crucial role in determining the future of the financial landscape of the country.

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