WAPDA Town Lahore

WAPDA Town Lahore is the top-class legal housing society of Lahore. The society was developed by skilled and experienced developers. The society is also located at the premium location of Khayaban e Jinnah just adjacent to Raiwind Road.

The aim behind creating this society was to build an affordable residential option for the Water and Power Development Authority WAPDA’s employees. The society originally started to develop in 1978. The society has also got the title of being the oldest private housing society in Lahore.

WAPDA Town has several phases which include the extension of some already developed phases.

WAPDA Town Lahore Location

The society is located adjacent to M-2 Motorway. It is also connected to Raiwind Road and Khayaban e Jinnah Road. Also, the ideal location of the society allows the residents to access any point of the city with convenience. WAPDA Town has accessibility to all the major points of the city. It is located near Jinnah Avenue Lahore and right next to Pine Avenue. In addition to this society is nearby to following main areas of the city:

  • It just takes 2 minutes drive to reach College Road Lahore.
  • Also, it almost takes a 6 minutes drive to reach Defense Road Lahore.
  • Moreover, Lahore Ring Road just takes 8 minute drive.
  • Just a 16 min drive away from Ferozepur Road
  • Furthermore, it almost takes a 9 minutes drive to reach N-5 National Highway.

Several popular housing societies surrounding WAPDA Town Lahore, including PIA Housing Scheme, SattoKatla, Valencia, Khayaban-e-Amin, as well as Tariq Gardens. Following is the WAPDA Town Lahore location map:

WAPDA Town Lahore NOC

WAPDA Town Lahore is an approved housing society by the Lahore Development Authority. The society has received its No Objection Certificate which is completely legal. The management of the society has completed all relevant documents due to which it has got its approval from the concerned development authorities.

WAPDA Town Phase-I got its approval in 1999. In addition, the Phase-I extension got its approval in 1997. Furthermore, Phase II was approved in 1995. Also, the officers’ housing scheme got approved by the LDA in 2002.

WAPDA Town Lahore Master Plan

The master plan of the society was prepared and planned by an expert team of engineers, architects and town planners. The team in charge of the project was professional as well as with a big real estate portfolio. The master plan truly depicts the ability of the team. The society spans a large area of 17,000 Kanal with multiple phases as well as blocks.

WAPDA Town divides into four major phases, which are named as:

  • Phase-I
  • Phase-I extension
  • Retired officers’ housing project
  • Phase-II

In addition, WAPDA Town Lahore divides into numerous blocks which are as follows:

  • WAPDA Town Block A-I
  • WAPDA Town Block  A-II
  • WAPDA Town Block  A-III
  • WAPDA Town Block  B-4
  • WAPDA Town Block  D-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  D-3
  • WAPDA Town Block  E-1
  • WAPDA Town Block  E-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  F-1
  • WAPDA Town Block  F-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  G-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  G-3
  • WAPDA Town Block  G-4
  • WAPDA Town Block  H-1
  • WAPDA Town Block  H-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  H-3
  • WAPDA Town Block  H-4
  • WAPDA Town Block  J-1
  • WAPDA Town Block  J-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  J-3
  • WAPDA Town Block  M
  • WAPDA Town Block  N-1
  • WAPDA Town Block  N-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  N-3
  • WAPDA Town Block  P-1
  • WAPDA Town Block  P-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  P-3
  • WAPDA Town Block  Q-1
  • WAPDA Town Block  Q-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  R
  • WAPDA Town Block  K-1
  • WAPDA Town Block  K-2
  • WAPDA Town Block  K-3
WAPDA Town Master Plan
WAPDA Town Blocks

Blocks Location

The blocks from A to K are in Phase 1 and its extension on the eastern side of the main road, whereas the Block M to Block R are in Phase 2 on the western side of the road.

Phase 1 of WAPDA Town Lahore is the oldest phase which is why the development is almost completed in this phase. Due to this fact, many investors are keenly looking into the property in this area.

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WAPDA Town Lahore plots for Sale

WAPDA Town offers many residential plots of various sizes. There are many 5 Marla plots available for sale in WAPDA Town Lahore. In addition, there are several 10 Marla plots for sale in WAPDA Town Lahore. Also,1 Kanal and 2 Kanal plots are up for sale in the society.

WAPDA Town Lahore Payment Prices

WAPDA Town offers very affordable plots for sale at a flexible payment plan. There are also cost-effective houses for sale in WAPDA Town. The detail is as follows:

WAPDA Town payment plan
WAPDA Town payment plan


The WAPDA Town Lahore is striving to provide all the top-notch facilities and modern-day amenities at affordable rates to its residents. The following facilities are available to the residents of the WAPDA Town Lahore:


The society aims to provide an environment-friendly lifestyle by making the society clean and green. The close-to-nature environment provides an extraordinary living experience that you cannot find in other societies of Lahore.

Grand Mosque

To fulfil the religious needs of the residents the society is also providing a grand, beautiful Jamia masjid. This mosque will be a masterpiece based on modern technology and state-of-the-art architecture.

Water Resources

In order to fulfil the water needs of the residents, the society is providing water resources. For this purpose, there are water reservoirs that store water that residents can use for daily usage. Furthermore, to provide clean drinking water, there are filter plants.


A graveyard is also an essential need of residents of any society. To fulfil this need the society provides a designated area for the graveyard.

Community Centres

For keeping the residents socially active, the society is also providing community centres where residents can enjoy and participate in multiple social activities.

Health Facilities

There are international-level health facilities in the society. For this purpose, there are ultra-modern international hospitals and equipped clinics. The emergency services are available 24/7, with experienced doctors and nurses.

Educational Complex

To provide quality education to the residents of the society there is the provision of international-level educational institutions. Moreover,  there are professional teachers that aim to provide the best education.

WAPDA Town Lahore Booking Procedure

Following are the steps that you need to follow while booking a plot in WAPDA Town Lahore:

  • Fill out the booking application form.
  • Also, attach your 2-3 CNIC Copies with the form.
  • Pay the down Payment through a cheque or pay order to “WAPDA Town Lahore,” and get confirmation from the management.
  • You can also pay Cash after inquiring from the management.
  • Submit your required documents and get your receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the most frequently asked questions about WAPDA Town Lahore:

1)     What is WAPDA Town Lahore, and how it differs from the other housing societies?

WAPDA Town is the oldest housing residential scheme in Lahore which is developed to provide a better living experience that too at an affordable price. It differs from other projects as it is designed by a team of expert architects, and engineers Moreover its masterplan is one of a kind.

2) Is WAPDA Town a legal housing society?

Yes, the WAPDA Town Lahore is an approved housing society by the Lahore Developmental Authority. In addition, it has got its NOC.


WAPDATown Lahoreis a legal housing society which is developed to provide top-notch luxurious living for the residents. The lavish amenities, affordable rates as well as prime location make the society stand out among other housing societies in Lahore.

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