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If you’re thinking about selling your house so you can move this year, you’ll want to know how long it takes to find a buyer. Last year witnessed the busiest property market on record, with sellers finding a buyer in an average of 33 days. However, the market is more stable currently. Therefore, even if it is taking longer to find the proper buyer—the average time to sell is currently 55 days—the 2023 market is still speedier than the time just before the pandemic began in March 2019, when it was taking 67 days. Let’s discuss the 5 fastest places to sell a home.

Top 5 Fastest Places to Sell a Home

Here are the top five places for selling homes.


The capital city of Pakistan, Islamabad, tops the list as one of the fastest places to sell a home. The city’s well-planned infrastructure, modern amenities, and high demand for real estate contribute to quick property sales. Moreover, the presence of government offices, diplomatic enclaves, and a growing expatriate population further fuels the demand for housing in the city. Capital Smart City is located in Islamabad and offered luxurious living homes at budget friendly rates.


Lahore, the cultural capital of Pakistan, is another rapidly growing city where proprties tend to sell quickly. Additionally, with its rich history, vibrant lifestyle, and thriving business opportunities, Lahore attracts a large number of buyers. The city’s well-established real estate market and ongoing development projects make it an attractive destination for property investors, resulting in relatively fast home sales. Lahore Smart City is a well-known project in Lahore that offers a wide variety of homes.


As the economic hub of Pakistan, Karachi offers a fast-paced real estate market where properties can sell swiftly. The city’s expanding population, diverse economic sectors, and the presence of numerous business opportunities contribute to the high demand for housing. However, the vastness of Karachi and varying market dynamics across different neighborhoods may influence the speed of property sales in specific areas.


Rawalpindi, located adjacent to Islamabad, is another city where homes tend to sell quickly. The city’s proximity to the capital, affordable housing options, and growing infrastructure make it an attractive choice for buyers. Moreover, Rawalpindi’s real estate market has experienced steady growth, resulting in a relatively shorter time on the market for properties. You may read about Hawks Melbourne City Rawalpindi for better investment option in Rawalpindi area.


Faisalabad, a major industrial and textile hub, also features on the list of fast-selling cities in Pakistan. The city’s strong industrial base and economic activities create a demand for housing, particularly among the working population. In addition, the availability of affordable properties, coupled with ongoing development projects, makes Faisalabad an appealing choice for buyers, leading to swift property transactions.

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