Smart News: Govt. to Establish Smart Villages in Country

Smart News: Govt. to Establish Smart Villages in Country

Islamabad: The Ministry of Science and Technology and telecommunications have launched a program to Establish Smart Villages in the Country. Moreover, they will establish smart Villages in four Provinces of the Country including Islamabad and Gilgit Baltistan.

These Smart Villages will be featuring modern technologies. While Remote areas will get access to Digital healthcare facilities, Digital Education Services, E-Commerce facilities, and Digital Livelihood facilities. It will help rural areas to improve in these sectors and upgrade the standard of living.

The international telecommunication union is supporting the movement. Furthermore, United Nations are responsible for all telecommunications and Information technology affairs. Huawei Pakistan is also in collaboration with this project.

Smart Village project is a part of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Digital Pakistan Vision. So Govt. to Establish Smart Villages in Country. In the first stage, one village will be established in each Province and Islamabad & Gilgit Baltistan.


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