RWP, BHP to get ADB’s USD 180m for water, waste management schemes

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved a loan of USD 180 million aimed at improving water supply and solid waste management services in Rawalpindi (RWP) and Bahawalpur(BHP). A news article dated November 29 highlighted this development.

Under the “Developing Resilient Environments and Advancing Municipal Services in Punjab Project,” approximately 1.5 million residents are expected to benefit. The initiative aims to address issues like excessive groundwater extraction and degradation of the urban environment. The plan involves expanding and modernizing the urban water supply in Rawalpindi(RWP) while strengthening solid waste management systems in Bahawalpur (BHP).

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Yevgeniy Zhukov, ADB’s Director General for Central and West Asia, underscored the project’s importance in enhancing sustainability, and resilience and reducing the carbon footprint in municipal services in these cities. In Rawalpindi, the project includes constructing new surface water intakes and a water treatment plant capable of processing 54 million liters per day.

The strategy also encompasses installing transmission and distribution pipes to provide metered connections to 82,000 households. Funding will support upgrading water pumps and transmission mains to enhance the surface water supply. Moreover, three pilot district metering areas will be established to improve operational efficiency.

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Furthermore, in Bahawalpur, solid waste collection will be upgraded through the acquisition of waste collection equipment. A new fleet, supported by an innovative fleet management information system. The project plans to develop a recycling facility and a floodproof landfill while rehabilitating an existing dump site.

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