RUDA steps up to tackle smog, transforms Lahore’s landscape

The CEO of Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA), Imran Amin, conducted a personal inspection of the industrial zone. The purpose was to evaluate the impending smog season and assess the measures in place to mitigate its effects, according to a news report on October 13.

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While conducting the inspection, Amin received a briefing from Abdul Waheed, ED Engineering, regarding the strategies implemented to tackle smog. These strategies encompassed a thorough evaluation of industries and the enforcement of essential guidelines.

Moreover, key measures included the prohibition of stubble burning and limitations on open utility carts and trucks. Dust separation techniques like sprinkling, and bans on burning carbon slugs, tires, and emissions from industrial furnaces.

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Additionally, Amin emphasized the importance of this initiative and advocated for the commencement of rehabilitation efforts. He stressed the need to realize the vision of an Urban Forest, aiming for a cleaner environment and a more verdant city. Amin reaffirmed RUDA’s dedication to leading by example and promoting a cleaner, healthier future for the residents of the city.

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