RDA’s facilitation center facilitates the establishment of new businesses for all NOCs

The Business Facilitation Centre (BFC), which is at the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA), recently met with important people to check how well it’s helping new businesses for business owners. A news source reported this on January 30.

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During the meeting, Rawalpindi’s Deputy Commissioner (DC) Hasan Waqar said that the BFC has everything entrepreneurs need all in one place. DC Waqar stressed how important the BFC is for boosting business in the area.

He explained that people wanting to start businesses in Rawalpindi no longer have to go to different offices for paperwork. Waqar mentioned that the BFC has already received 72 applications. To make things easier, they’ve set up special desks from different departments to help business owners.

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Also, Waqar said that getting approvals for building commercial and industrial places would happen faster, within 30 days. Likewise, paperwork for finishing construction would also be done in 30 days. Requests to change how land is used would take a bit longer, about 45 days, to be sorted out.

Stay tuned with RBS for further inquiries.

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