RDA orders crackdown on illegal housing advertisements

The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has taken decisive measures, instructing marketing companies to stop advertisements of unauthorized projects to stem the rise of illegal housing schemes, as the news reported on November 22.

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This action involves the RDA serving notices to multiple marketing firms. These notices compel them to cease advertising activities associated with illegal housing schemes. Additionally, the RDA’s Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering Directorate has stepped in by issuing notices to proprietors of YouTube channels and marketing companies.

These notices explicitly direct them to halt the promotion of illegal housing schemes across YouTube and various other social media platforms.

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This highlights the concerning trend of illegal housing projects exploiting platforms like YouTube for publicity. An unnamed Rawalpindi Development Authority spokesperson stressed the severity of the issue. The RDA is resolute in its efforts to prevent misleading advertisements. These advertisements occurred from deceiving citizens and distort the reality of such ventures.

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