RBS Road Show Expo 2022 in Barcelona Spain

RBS Road Show Expo 2022 held in Barcelona Spain.

The real estate industry is currently Pakistan’s fastest-growing and most lucrative sector. If you want to make a safe investment in Pakistan and secure your future, Royal Business Solutions is always available to help.

In a ceremony held at the Hilton Hotel Barcelona, Aqeel Riaz, MD of RBS LSC, and Imtiaz Qaiser, BDM participated. They stated that quality, project transparency, caring for customers’ demands, and also protecting their interests are our key priorities.

He said that the initiatives for CSC and LSC are profitable and that you could make blind investments in them. We guarantee that your investment will be profitable for you in two hundred percent, not just one. Additionally, it will be beneficial, securing your future.

He claims that when we conduct business, we always create projects with the interests of our clients in mind. You can view our projects by visiting our website on the internet, which is completely a 24-hour internet-connected project. If you invest in any unfinished or ongoing building projects, you could lose money. Contact us if you have concerns about investing, and our expert team will help you out and provide a solution.

Moreover, the program’s organizers, Farooq Ahmed Qureshi, Hafiz Abdul Razzaq, Mohammad Ashfaq Waraich, Hasan Raza Gehman, and Ghafoor Ahmed Qureshi, welcomed the vast number of attendees with flower bouquets at the Hilton Hotel Barcelona.

Further, at the end of the event, the management and briefing team thanked the participants and served tea to visitors.

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