RBS 3rd Top Resale Performer of Lahore Smart City

A balloting and possession ceremony of Overseas Prime Block Lahore Smart City was held on 24th December 2022.

We are glad to announce that RBS Real Estate and Builders is the 3rd top resale performer in Lahore Smart City. It is indeed one of the biggest moments in the history of RBS. RBS has done surprisingly extraordinary work in Lahore Smart City and finally achieved the title of top 3rd resale performer.

This balloting contains all the updated files of overseas primes known as sectors A and B. Lahore Smart City Overseas Prime Block Possession was handed over as results became available and balloting was computerized. It was the greatest opportunity for investors and end users to get a handsome return. Many business enterprises participated in the ceremony. Mr. Habib Ahmed one of the founders of Habib Rafiq Private Limited participated in the event as well.
For more updates, stay tuned to RBS.

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