PTDC to launch cleanliness awareness campaign at Tourist Spot

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has launched a cleanliness awareness campaign at multiple locations nationwide with the goal of establishing a clean and green environment to attract a higher number of tourists, according to news reported on September 4.

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As per the details, a guest at the Pakistan Monument expressed their concerns regarding the necessity of preserving the national monument’s cleanliness. They underscored the significance of upkeeping cleanliness, particularly considering the ongoing visits by both domestic and international dignitaries.

They implored the PTDC and other pertinent authorities to commence a cleanliness initiative at prominent locations such as the Pakistan Monument, Faisal Mosque, and Lake View Park. This initiative aims to guarantee a pollution-free atmosphere for visitors and enrich their overall experience.

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Another tourist, Hadi Bux Chacher, ventured to the world’s oldest historical and archaeological site, Mohen-jo-Daro in Sindh. He drew attention to the absence of effective cleanliness measures at the location. He noticed that individuals were carelessly discarding various types of litter, diminishing the site’s allure.

Chacher underscored the significance of educating the public about refraining from littering at tourist destinations. He also emphasized the necessity of upholding cleanliness in order to safeguard the historical importance of these sites.

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