NHA issues NOCs for the installation of optical fiber cables in ROW

The Executive Board of the National Highway Authority (NHA) has granted its authorization to issue No Objection Certificates (NOCs) for the installation of Optical Fiber Cables (OFC) within the Right of Way (RoW), according to the news report on November 1.

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As per the information provided, the National Highway Authority (NHA) has determined rates for the placement of optical fiber and associated digital infrastructure within the Right of Way (RoW). These rates established under the guidance of a committee led by the cabinet secretary.

And appointed by the Executive Committee of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SFIC). The approved rate for installing Optical Fiber Cables (OFC) is fixing at PKR 30 per meter, aligning with the charges set by the NHA. This rate differs significantly from the proposed PKR 240 per meter by Pakistan Railways.

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Official records have outlined the requirements for awarding free No Objection Certificates (NOCs) to non-profit or charitable entities. These entities include trusts, foundations, masajids/madaris, etc. These organizations must furnish appropriate documentation to demonstrate their non-profit or charitable status. The Board has mandated that all technical requirements must fulfilled before granting the complimentary NOC.

For further details check out RBS.

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