NHA shares development updates for under-construction motorways

News Report

According to the news report, the National Highway Authority (NHA) team provided a comprehensive briefing to the Senate Standing Committee on Communications under construction motorways on September 20.

According to the details, a meeting was held with the NHA Chairman Muhammad Khurram Agha and Communications Minister Shahid Ashraf Tarar. The project updates for the Kharian-Rawalpindi and Sialkot-Kharian highways were presented at the meeting.

Motorway Project

In regards to the Sialkot-Kharian Motorway project, it reports that this endeavor kickstarted back in October 2022. So far, 50% of the alignment has already handed over to the Concessionaire.

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The project’s progress has been commendable, with roughly 45% completion achieved on the handed-over portion. It includes substantial advancements in the construction of key structures.

Letter of Intent

Regarding the Kharian-Rawalpindi Motorway project, it revealed that the revocable Letter of Intent. It grants to M/s Techno-Matracon JV in collaboration with Power China Chengdu, the highest-ranked bidder, has canceled.

This choice mades because the bidder was unable to support the claim made in their proposal. M/s Power China Chengdu was the principal EPC Constructor.

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The NHA dedicates to adhering to its mandate of developing and maintaining a safe, efficient, and sustainable road network across the nation. The authority commits to completing these projects within the set timelines while upholding the highest standards of construction quality.

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