PM shall constitute a committee to oversee the projects undertaken by PHAF and FGEHA

According to the news report, Caretaker Prime Minister (PM) Anwaar ul Haq Kakar has established a steering committee consisting of seven members to supervise the ongoing projects of the Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHAF) and the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA).

According to sources, a letter from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the provision of housing facilities to federal government employees pointed out significant delays in the projects being carried out by both organizations. Consequently, federal government employees are experiencing delays and inefficiencies in receiving their entitled housing provisions.

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In response, the caretaker prime minister has established a steering committee to monitor the projects conducted by the Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) and also the Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation (PHAF). Generally, both mandating to provision of housing facilities to federal government employees.

Steering Committee Members

The Steering Committee, composed of seven members, is led by the following individuals:

Dr. Kazim Niaz, Secretary Economic Affairs Division (EAD)

Mr. Kamran Ali Afzal, Cabinet Secretary

Mr. Rana Sanaullah, Secretary Interior Division

Mr. Sualeh Ahmed Faruqui, Secretary of Commerce

Mr. Raja Naeem Akbar, Secretary of Law and Justice

Mr. Muhammad Shakeel Malik, Secretary of Parliamentary Affairs

Mr. Inam-Ullah Khan Dharejo, Establishment Secretary (also serving as co-chair of the Steering Committee)

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Moreover, the committee will convene monthly meetings. During these meetings, the Secretary of Housing and Works, the Director General of FGEHA, and the Managing Director of PHAF will provide comprehensive updates on the status of ongoing projects by both entities. Additionally, they will seek the committee’s guidance to ensure the realization of housing entitlements for both active and retired federal government employees.

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