PHA plans to establish sports corners on vacant spaces within the RWP

The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) has revealed its intentions to transform empty spaces beneath the Chandni Chowk flyover RWP and the city’s primary four parks into lively sports hubs to promote recreational activities. This initiative was reported by a news source on November 23.

As per the disclosed information, Ahmed Hassan Ranjha, the Director General (DG) of PHA, specified that the vacant area under the Chandni Chowk flyover is designated for a cricket arena targeting the city’s young cricket enthusiasts.

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Additionally, plans include establishing a basketball court in the same vicinity. DG Ranjha emphasized the success of a similar venture in the Commercial Market Park in Satellite Town. This has swiftly gained popularity among the youth as a cricket hotspot.

DG Enhances Metro Bus By Painting Its Pillars

DG Ranjha detailed plans to enhance the Metro Bus elevated road by painting all its pillars in a unified theme. It aims to enhance the appeal of this vital artery in the garrison city. Moreover, collaboration with the Rawalpindi Municipal Corporation (RMC) is being pursued to standardize the signage of shops and commercial plazas on Murree Road, stretching from Marir Chowk to Faizabad.

However, as part of a larger beautification drive, PHA aims to repurpose all available empty spaces for recreational purposes. Rawalpindi Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha has instructed relevant departments to model Murree Road into an exemplary thoroughfare, with initiatives already in progress.

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In addition, this beautification plan extends to the Metro section from Marir Chowk to Faizabad. It focuses on enhancing greenery and augmenting the aesthetic appeal of Raja Bazaar. Furthermore, road dividers in Raja Bazaar and other inner-city areas will soon feature trees and flowers to create pleasing environment.

Stay tuned with RBS for further details.

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